By: Ciara Smith

Neptune looks like...

Neptune is a planet in our solar system it is blue an cold. Neptune is made of liquid so there is no land on Neptune. Neptune has a rocky core. Neptune is also covered in thin wispy white clouds, the clouds go around Neptune. Neptune has winds of the fastest in the solar system.


Neptune has long years and days,the length of day is 16 hours and 7 minutes . the length of a year is 60,190 Earth days or 165 Earth years. Neptune has 13 moons it's also an outer planet. Neptune is 4,498 kilometers (2,795 million miles) away from the sun. Neptune has many storms in 1989 the great dark spot happened and was discovered. Did you know Neptune has rings? Neptune has six rings it's rings are very hard to see.

The history of Neptune

Neptune was discovered on September 23, 1846 by urbain le verrier. Galilieo observed again on Jan 27, 1613. Neptune and Pluto the dwarf planet are having a battle which planet is the farthest from the sun.

Fun facts!

  • Did you know that Neptune suffers the most violent whether in the solar system

  • Neptune is the farthest planet in our solar system it get's 30x as far from the sun as the Earth is.
  • Also, Neptune receives about 900 times less sunlight than Earth.
  • Another cool fact is that Neptune has it's own symbol.
  • Neptune has seasons just like Earth!
  • Neptune is the smallest of the four gas giants.