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Volume 6, December 5, 2017



...In Paradise Junction. Coming up December 6th MHS students will be able to audition for the Spring play Trouble in Paradise Junction. Audition packets are available in Ms. Vessar's room. Positions are available in both cast and crew! Audition packets will need to be completed and turned in at the time of your audition. Auditions will be held in the MHS auditorium.

Smooth Jazz Fills the MHS Auditorium

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MHS Jazz Band performed at the MHS Auditorium on Tuesday, November 21st.

A few members of the jazz band auditioned Saturday, December 2nd, for State band. They were Derek Buntin, Clayton Garnett, Preston Barron, and Jarod Cole.

Spartans Battle in the War of the Words

The Speech Team competed over the weekend at the Mexico War of the Words tournament. The team had members compete is almost every event. Hannah Field and Alexus Hayes advanced to the finals round. Hannah brought home 7th place in Original Oratory and Alexus brought home 8th in Humorous Interpretation.

Spartans Buzz In

The Moberly High School Scholar Bowl team competed in a tournament at Washington High School. The team emerged with 5th place. Junior, Brennan Sapp got 11th place and Senior, Eric Thompson placed 12th.


Mr. Beaudoin

Mr. Beaudoin is a history teacher at MHS and he says his year is going great so far. He enjoys the students he has in class and is looking forward to all the new activities and programs the school has to offer. Mr. Beaudoin is the assistant coach for boys and girls soccer. He says the boy’s season next year looks promising and can’t wait to see what the girls can do. This year he hopes to grow as a teacher and to find new ways to help his students.

Ms. Friedman

Ms. Friedman is a band teacher at MHS and MMS. Ms. Friedman says that the new space she gets to use at the high school is wonderful. She is excited about the concerts and stage performances that she gets to help with and see in the new auditorium. Her favorite thing about being a music teacher is that everyone can contribute in their own way and on their own level to the songs. Ms. Friedman is also a sponsor for the Cosplay Club and is excited to be getting back to regular meetings and crafting. She is striving to help make every performance strong and make sure every student happy and successful.

Student Spotlights

Students of the Month

Congratulation to these students selected by MHS staff as students of the month:

Jessica McKeown, Taylee Martin, Paul Henrickson, Caroline Nuhn, Lance Pippin, Destiny Gehring, Clayton Briscoe, MAggie Smith, Ryan Tolbert, and Serenity Pence.

· Students must show progress and improvement in subject areas.

· Students make contributions to the community through service and volunteering.

· Students display exemplary leadership skills.

· Students show positive attitude toward classmates, school staff, learning and school.

· Students have good attendance.

· Students participated in school and/or community based extracurricular activities.

· Students demonstrate appropriate behavior.

· Students encourage others to do their best at all times.

· Students work up to their ability.

· Students exhibit good character, hard work, and honesty.

Messages From The MHS Counseling Office

Visit the MHS counseling office website!

The MHS Counseling Office website features several resources for students and parents both to access. The website is easy to use and contains lots of information about the MHS Counseling program, college and career readiness resources, as well as contact information for the counseling staff members. You can access it here at:

MHS Scholarship Page

Looking for information regarding scholarship deadlines and opportunities? The MHS Scholarship page has everything you need! Visit it here:

Stress Management Week

Coming up December 11-15 is Stress Management week. Sometimes AP courses, deadlines, assignments, extracurricular activities, jobs, and other commitments can get overwhelming and straining. In these moments it is most important to understand how to manage this stress so it doesn't burn you out. In observation of Stress Management Week the MHS Counseling Office will be helping the student body learn how to deal with stress in healthy and effective ways.

Important Dates for Students and Parents

December 4 - Choir concert

December 7 - Senior Class Meeting

December 9 - ACT. DO NOT BE LATE!!!

December 13 - Enrollment parent information, MHS auditorium. 5 to 6 pm: Freshman parent meetings. 10-12 6:30-7:30 pm.

December 14 - Band concert

December 21 - Early Release / Last Day of 1st Semester


Dual Credit Enrollment

Class offerings have been updated for the spring semester online classes through MACC. See Mr. Jones for more information.

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Saturday Attendance Make-up Dates

The following Saturdays from 8 a.m. to noon will be available for make-up days and must be arranged in advance. Students are responsible for obtaining missed work from their teachers prior to attending a Saturday make-up day. A student MUST stay the entire four hours in order to use this time. A maximum of 5 days can be recovered through Saturday make-ups. MAKE UP ATTENDANCE WILL NOT INCREASE A STUDENT’S ATTENDANCE PERCENTAGE. Make up time is available to maintain grades only.

Please contact the high school office if you have questions about the MHS attendance policy.

December 16th


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