Chili Contest

March 25

Game On!

It appears there is enough interest for the Chili Contest to continue. You can still sign up. Here is the link to the Google Doc.
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1. On March 25 - bring in your chili, chips, toppings, or treats - set out in the teacher's lounge. Non traditional chili is also encouraged!

* Toppings may be placed in the refrigerator. We will have a shelf set for this so that those organizing can quickly set up those treats.

2. There will be numbered table tents for you to place in front of your chili to enable staff to vote. These tents will be numbered, and if you would like to "name" your chili, you may do that at this time.

3. Cost for those who would like to vote on the chili by sampling - $1. Place your dollar and voting ballot in the box.

4. Chili sampling will be done during lunch. Please be sure to only sample so there is enough left for each lunch.

5. Vote for your favorite chili using the voting ballots and place in the voting ballot.

The first and second prize winner will split the sampling profits and the winner will be honored with the golden ladle award.