President of the United States of America

Constitutional Requirements

Must be a U.S. Citizen

Can be born abroad if one parent was a US citizen at the time

Must be 35 years old

No age limit

Must have lived in the US for at least 14 years

Roles of the President

-Make sure all US laws are carried out

-Make sure the federal government is run effectively

-Role of commander and chief of the armed forces

-Oversees foreign policy and making treaties with foreign nations

-Appoint ambassadors to other nations and the UN

-Appoint members to cabinet as well as supreme court justices and federal court judges

-Address the full congress at least once a year to report on the state of the union

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Salary, perks, and benefits

$400,000 per year

Free transportation in limousine and Air Force 1

Free Housing in famous mansion

Annual pension of 200,000 a year, paid health care, paid official travel

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10 Powers

Veto bills

Commander and chief of army and navy

Request opinions

Grant pardons

Make treaties with foreign nations

Appointing officers, judges, supreme court, etc.

Can fill vacancies

Gives congress information

Can convene both houses of congress

Receives ambassadors and Prime Ministers

Commissions all officers

Take care of all federal laws

Which is most Important?

The power of being the commander or the army and navy is the most important because it is what keeps us as a strong country under control. This job is very important in order to maintain control and good relations with other countries. Our army and navy are very important to our society and well-being as a country.

5 Leadership Qualities

Encourage Conflict Resolution

Communicate with the administration about the vision and plans

Communicate and motivate a fatigued nation

Trusting the government and its people

Implement goals that the country can support

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6 Roles of the President

Party Leader-Help people in his party get elected or appointed

Commander in Chief-run the armed forces

Chief Executive-administer laws and affairs

Chief of State-Represent the US at public events

Chief Diplomat-Interacting with leaders from other nations

Chief Legislature-Voice opinions and ideas to congress

Gun Control Problem

Who: The people and citizens of the United States of America

What: The problem of gun control

When: NOW

How: I would allow the buying and selling of firearms by passing law that gives american people the right to bear arms

Why: Guns do not kill people, people kill people

Constitutional Power to Solve the Problem

-Constitution- Right to Bear Arms

-Get help from supporting senators and citizens

-Leadership quality to get through: Be reasonable, give examples of other countries, and be honest with the people