Wednesday--- September 18, 2013


Technology: Please load Drop Box on to your home computer. Your child should put a document from home into the Drop Box Folder ---it will then save live to the cloud. We are practicing moving documents from home to school and vice versa.

Critical Thinking:

  • We reviewed -- Clarity, Accuracy, and Precision.

Elements of Reasoning Skills: Purpose & State the Question:

  • We reviewed Purpose and state the question.

    Enrichment Centers:

    • Topic Study: Today we continued to use our new technology tool---- Padlet. Students are talking excellent notes!
    • Math: We had a successful day of math problem solving!
    • Science: We finished our first experiment write up and will begin a new solar collector experiment next week! We also learned how to graph using the create a graph tool on my "PEAK PAD" (click here).

    Theme Study:

    • Today we completed an activity called: Can I trust these sources? This was a very eye-opening activity. Out of 6 websites ---only 2 could be trusted. Ask your child to explain how we determined what was trustworthy and what was not.
    • Students looked at more brain materials and narrowed down their brain topic choice to 3.
    • To further narrow to one topic, students asked themselves the following questions: Is the brain topic Interesting? ?Is it the right size? Is it easy enough to understand? Do I have easy access to information? All student selected one brain topic and recorded it on my Google doc form. We will use this form to record topics, headings, and angles for our research and writing.



    • Load Drop Box on your home computer. Save something from home to the Drop Box folder.
    • Share something with some in our class.
    • Make a change to something from school --we will check next week to make sure it saved!

    New Apps are where it's at ---

    We have learned the following new Technology Applications:

    • Symbaloo - "PEAK PAD"
    • Drop Box
    • S'more poster
    • Padlet
    • Google Docs
    • Create a Graph
    • Live Binders --- for Topic Study

    Up next ----

    • Edmodo (review)
    • Thinglink
    • Kid's Blog
    • Evernote