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Snapes for Sale! Only 50,000

The Lemon Tree Snake

I'm from Madagascar.I provide my skin and venom to people, for clothing accessories,medicines,etc.My venom provides medicine to some people.I need improvements on my venom because a certain amount could kill someone.I need a mix of scorpion venom to have the certain amount.My venom is poisonous.
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The Tazanian Red Claw Scorpion

I'm from Tanzanian Africa.I am the emperor of scorpions.They use my tail for accessories, and my venom for medication.I don't have the right amount of venom for medication yet.I am very harmless,althiugh I use my tail for defense.I won't sting my owners. Although I try to escape a lot.
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The Snape

Im from Russia.I was fused in a lab in France in 1998.I now have the treatment to some diseases such as cancer,all from my venom.I have the right amount of venom.My parents are a Lemon Tree Snake and a Red Claw Scorpion.They are very dangerous and poisonous. I don't try to run away, nor sting my owners.Im very exotic and expensive.
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