Owl Achievers Update

March 2014

Origami Owl is better with a Friend

Not only is it more fun to work the Origami Owl business with a friend/team, but did you know that as you move into levels of leadership Origami Owl rewards you more handsomely than any other company out there?

The following team overrides (the commission earned from downline team volume) are monthly averages by rank. These were provided by Origami Owl® at least year’s National Convention, to inspire and motivate all Designers. These are averages, and are no guarantee of personal commission.

Monthly Average by Rank:

  • Leading Designer: $95.56
  • Team Leader: $460.15
  • Senior Team Leader: $1,577.91
  • Executive Team Leader: $5,004.58
  • Director: $9,416.83
  • Senior Director: $27,361.32

Imagine helping a friend find financial independence as she begins her own career with Origami Owl earning up to 50% commission on her own personal sales and a the same time you yourself are rewarded as well.

To join the Origami Owl Team, please visit http://krissi.origamiowl.com/join-our-team.ashx

Mother's Day Shipping Deadlines

Don't miss your chance to honor the women in your life this Mother's Day.

Mother's Day shipping deadlines.
Standard shipping - April 30th.
Last day for 2-Day shipping - May 6
Last day for overnight shipping - May 7
All orders must be submitted by 11:59pm, but the earlier the better.

Shop online at http://krissi.origamiowl.com or with your favorite designer.

Congratulations to our March Achievers

Hoot Hoot Hurray!

Honorable Mention: PV Sales of $1-$98

Gina Migliaccio

Carrie MacGregor

Diane Perkins

Courtney Cox

Jacqueline Obernesser

kelly kovach

Jennifer Champney

Jennifer Barr-Osteen

Barbara Moyer - $98.20

Bronze Medal: PV Sales of $99-$499
Andrea Harrell

Nan Williams

Linda Bond

Deanna Hoch

Shandal Crouch

Jennifer Ray

Jamie Conley

Jennifer Case

Amanda Kuter

Hope Croneiser

Brooks Carpenter

Roxanne Baker

Stacy Kessler

Heather LaPorte

Hailey Smith

Angela Swank

Colleen Cruikshank

Kimberly Lambing - $372.05

Silver Medal: PV Sales of $500-$999
Kathy Grosso

Roxanne Brundige


Shannon Borst

Abbigail Furman

Natalie Helm

Angel Edmonds

Erica Woodward

Karen Benson

Stephanie Bevins

Michele Riggs

Jess Hilton

Michelle Fountain - $856.10

Gold Medal: PV Sales of $1000+
April Spear

Margaret Larsen

Tiffany & Alizah Fletcher

Kristi White

Roxane Cramer-Snowman

Amy McFadden

Dawn Canzoneri

Grace Fisher

Deborah Carkner

Trista Simpson

Jennifer Winch

Laurie Spencer - $2530.75

New to the Team
Natalie Helm - joined March 5, 2014 - sponsored by Shannon Borst
Shandal Crouch - joined March 10, 2014 - sponsored by Linda Bond
Jamie Conley - joined March 14, 2014 - sponsored by Krissi Newtown
Rose Ortiz - joined March 23, 2014 - sponsored by Jennifer Winch
Sandra Treen - joined March 27, 2014 - sponsored by Krissi Newtown
Colleen Cruikshank - joined March 30, 2014 - sponsored by Krissi Newtown
Mercedes Nichols - joined March 31, 2014 - sponsored by Krissi Newtown

Collect medals throughout the year for a chance to win an amazing prize at the end of the year.

10+ Bronze or higher Medals - Chance to win prize valued at $100
8+ Silver or higher Medals - Chance to win prize values at $150
6+ Gold or higher Medals - Chance to win prize valued at $250