My career

by Tony Coppola

My career choice

I chose to be an artist

What collage did i chose

I chose TCU, UNT, and UT

How much is tuition

TCU 38,510
UNT 20,566
UT based on how many credits the student takes

How much will books cost

TCU 1,200

UNT 1,250

UT 1,500


TCU 6,900

UNT combined with tuition

UT 1,00

meal plan

TCU 1,000

UNT 1,300

UT 300


TCU 500

UNT 1,500

UT 1,400

how long will i study

TCU 3 Years

UNT 5 Years

UT 4 Years

SAT scores

TCU 1650-1910

UNT 2100

UT 1200