An Ordinary Hero



One day, a few years ago, my father met a man in a difficult position. He had a family to feed, but no work to make money. It was hard for him to find a job without a college education or a job-specific skill set. However, my father, having struggled to succeed himself, decided that although it may be easier to hire someone already trained, decided to train him. He taught this man to weld, and then hired him at his metal fabrication business. Seeing someone in need, knowing he had the ability to help, forced him to want to help this man succeed. This man has since been able to send his two daughters to college, which was not a mere possibility in the beginning. Only a hero, as exemplified by my father, would take the time to do this.

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Ordinary Hero

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My father is my hero, since he helps others and worked his way up. One way he helps others is through his business. It allows him to give more opportunities to people and help them on a larger scale than he could as an individual. Starting as a welder, he has worked his way up to owning a successful metal fabrication company in Chicago. He is now able to hire people to weld, so he can be involved in more areas of the business and keep it running. His business does different types of welding, one of which is MIG welding. Therefore, for my project, I thought it would be interesting to learn how to MIG weld.

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Letter reads. . .

Dear Hero,

Thank you for being such an outstanding person and inspiring me to work my hardest and help others. As I have mentioned, part of why you are a hero is that you help others. You teach others and want them to succeed. You never get jealous when other people accomplish their goals, even if it did not come as easily to you. You only want better for people, and are always willing to work to help them succeed just as much as you would for your own success. You did not have everything handed to you from the start. You were in a difficult situation and had to work your way up. Luckily, that hard work ended up paying off. Not only do you feel fortunate for this, but this makes you want to help others as well. You know how much easier it would have been to have someone help you and want your success, so you do that for others. If you work hard enough, you can accomplish nearly anything you want. You can obtain a better life for yourself. This is a lesson that you have taught me. You have inspired me to put effort into everything I do, knowing I can use that to accomplish my future goals. If I work hard enough, I can succeed as well. Therefore, working your way up and helping others has inspired me and makes you a true hero.

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