Module 9

Part A - 5 Apps to use in a K-12 Classroom

By Robin Edmundson

June 8 2015

EDU 210 Spring 2015

1 - VoiceThread

VoiceThread is a website where students can post videos, images, etc. and have their peers comment on their posts for feedback. (Tech and Learning, June 2012)

This would be a great tool to use for peer assessment of assignments and projects.

Big image
North Carolina Central University. (2015). VoiceThread: What is a VoiceThread [image]. Retrieved from:

2 - Shmuppet

Shmuppet is a tool where students can create podcast and then send them to their friends via email or social media. (Tech and Learning, June 2012)

This would be a great website to use in your classroom if you are doing an activity were you give each student or a group of students a topic and they have to become "experts" on that topic and teach their peers about it. Normally in class I have done this as a jiqsaw activity, but instead of having the students explain their concept in class you could use this tool to create a podcast on the activity and have the students watch all their peers podcasts.

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Itunes Preview. (n.d.). Shmuppet: The virtual puppet application [image]. Retrieved from:

3 - Socrative

Socrative is a tool that can be used to administer assessments on any device with an internet connection. (te@chthought, Oct 2013)

This tool would be a great way to administer assessments and ensure students could receive instant feedback. Using the excel spreadsheet that this tool creates would be a great way to assess whether the students understood the concept, or need further explanation. This would be a great way to do formative or summative assessments.

Socrative Excel Download
John Hardison. (Aug 2012). Socrative Excel Download [video file]. Retrieved from:

4 - Polleverywhere

Polleverywhere can be used during classroom discussions to let all students in the classroom have a voice, getting student feedback on your teaching, or peer assessment. (te@chthought, Oct 2013)

I would use this in my classroom mostly to help facilitate classroom discussions so that I can ensure that all my students feel their input is included. I would ask and questions and have students say whether they agree or disagree then have groups of students discuss why they agree or disagree.

5 - Anatomy 4D

This is an application where you can explore the human body systems. (DAQRI, n.d.)

One way I would use this in my classroom is an introduction or review of a concept in biology 20 or 30 when you learn the body systems, have the students use the app to do a "scavenger hunt" of all the organs in that system. This would be especially helpful for systems like the digestive system which include many different organs that are hard to see such as the gull bladder.


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