the one solution to the insane, virtue society we live in

Hang up the phone

Not only cell phones but internet, video games, teliviosn, Netflix all have paid tribute into taking over youth in today socioity. Todays teenagers have been corrupted into unimaginative dull and lazy beings. Teen studies have shown a 50% decrease in motivation and vocabulary in the time that the past 6 iPhones have come out. Lizze McGurie (16) says "like OMG rnts & teachers need 2 lik coo dwn fones R totly important 2 r (social) Lyf" There is only one solution to this issue; abolish all technology and electronics completely. If humanity can wipe out anything with batteries, cords, wires and even a power button then not just the lazy teens but everyone will become more sociable, responisve, and brighter species. If the Amish can do so can everyone else. No more will girls sneak their phone out in class and leave it in between her legs to text her BFF about the hottie next to her. Student will be better educated on how to cook with due to no microwaves or refrigeration. Students will know how to do math and send a letter with out calculators or emails. And teen obesity will be a problem no more! With all the walking due to no more cars everyone will be in shape for gym class! It's time to no longer say XOXO to you're cell phone and open your eyes to the harmful relationship you are in, TTYL electronics!