DLDay Challenge

February 22, 2018

Digital Learning Day

Choose your adventure

Select one of the tools below to complete the challenge and earn your RCS DLDay18 digital badge and recognition on our DLDay Celebration page!


Screencastify is a screen recording/ screen capture tool that allows teachers and students to record, edit, and share screens. Narrate a lesson, create a short tutorial, annotate an image, and share your creations via Google Drive. Screencastify is a Google Extension and works with both Chromebooks and Windows devices.

Animated Presentations

MySimpleShow allows teachers and students to create short, animated presentations. Write a script, choose your images and animations, and MySimpleShow will do the rest! There are a number of educational templates, such as summarizing literature, summarizing a biography, and explaining a scientific or mathematical concept. Creating an animated presentation can be completed quickly and easily.

Discussions and Feedback

Flipgrid is an online bulletin board that allows teachers and students to record short videos for posting and viewing by others. Post a topic and students can respond from anywhere on any device. Flipgrid can be used to enhance discussions or as a formative assessment tool, allowing students to demonstrate what they have learned in a new way.

Digital Formative Assessment

Wizer allows teachers to create online worksheets incorporating interactive features such as drag-and-drop, multimedia, matching, sorting, diagram/image labeling, and much more. Students can also record responses and feedback as audio commentary so it can be used with young students who are developing reading skills.

Design your own adventure - Check out EdSurge's Product Reviews

Have you been excited to try something new but don't like these options? Check out EdSurge's Product Reviews. You can search by resource type, grade level, cost, and more. Pick a tool, try it out and send us a quick note letting us know why you chose it, how you used it and what you thought. Maybe it will make the list next year :)

Email when you have completed the challenge!

To receive your digital badge and recognition on our DLDay Celebration page, send an email to cbarham@rock.k12.nc.us with the following information:

1. Your name

2. Your school

3. Your grade level or subject

4. The challenge you completed

5. A short description, reflection, or quote we can use.

6. A picture of you and/or your class

Don't forget to share your positive digital learning experiences using the hashtags #DLDay and #RCSDLDay!