By: NIshi Datla

Wichita information

The Wichita lived in the Coastal Plains region.

The food they ate were corn, squash, pumpkins.

They ate they're food by hunting buffalos and planting plum trees.

They lived in houses made of forked cedar poles and dried grass.

They used bows and arrows. And used obsidian (doesn't break easily).

The Wichita did horn dances and foot races that the whole tribe joined in on. They believed in shamans and natural forces around them. They made pottery and jewelry from dried clay the found.

The Wichita tattooed their face, arms, and chests. Their leader in the past was Wee-Ta-Ra-Sha-Ro.

The Wichita are in Oklahoma today.

The Wichita talked in a language called surprisingly.

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Wichita person