Abortion Should Be Legalized

By: Marilyn Fuentes

Abortion Should Be Legalized

The Declaration of Independence says that the people are granted “certain unalienable rights that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness”. Does this, or does this not include the right to abortion? There are many different viewpoints on the legalization of abortion; thus, there is no ‘right’ answer, only strong opinions. Abortion should be legal because women have the right to chose what is best for her unborn child and/or body, the child’s wellbeing is at risk if the mother is unprepared, those who believe it is morally wrong should mind their own business.

Women Have Protected Civil Rights

Women are allowed to abortion by law because of their civil rights protected by the Declaration of Independence. Because of this, they get to decide what is best for their body and her unborn child. The 4th Amendment provides people the right to privacy and freedom from ridiculous invasions; thus, giving women the right to abort because their bodies are NOT public property.
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The Wellbeing of the Child is at Risk

The child's wellbeing is at risk if the mother is not emotionally, or financially ready to support her child in ways which the child needs support. The security of the mother reflects the wellness of the child's development. Americans who are financially unstable would have to pocket out $10,000 for the child's health care, especially if it was a teen pregnancy.
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Abortion is NOT "Morally Wrong"

Abortion is a personal preference choice that a woman makes. If other people who do not support abortion declares the women as "cruel" and such then they do not have to worry because it is NOT their body. As a taxpayer people have to be open to compromise about what other people want because newsflash: the government uses taxpayer's money to pay for unnecessary things such as financially supporting completely unnecessary businesses and funds. Paying for reformative healthcare is more important than funding for an International House of Pancakes franchise.
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All in all, abortion should be legalized because it is a part of women’s civil rights, the wellbeing of the child is at risk if the mother is not ready, and because those who see abortion as ‘morally wrong’ should mind their own business because they probably do not see the exact situation the woman is being forced upon. There are many different faces of abortion. Which one do YOU choose to see?


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