By: Anna Maria Snodderly

If You Are Planning To Take A Vacation, Sweden Is The Place To Go!

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The official language of Sweden is Swedish.

  • Hi = Hej

  • Goodbye = hejdå

  • Where is the restroom = var är toaletten

  • What is your name = Vad är ditt namn

  • Please = vänligen

  • Thank you = tack

  • Hello = Hallå

  • Yes = ja

  • No = ingen

  • What’s going on = vad som händer

  • The pronunciation of Gothenburg is Yet-a-boy (with an accent) and the Swedish spelling is Göteborg

Swedish money is called kroner. $1 = 7.42 kronor.

Sweden’s capital city is STOCKHOLM. It spreads out over 14 islands and is 700 years old. GOTHENBURG and JÄMTLAND are also places to go in Sweden. JÄMTLAND is one of Sweden’s greatest lakes. Gothenburg Botanical Garden is in Gothenburg.


9.593 million people live in Sweden!

Their traditional clothing for women is a blue and yellow dress with a white blouse underneath. The men will wear white tights and yellow pants with a white shirt and a blue vest and everybody wears black shoes.

Some Swedish traditions are St.Lucia Day, Walpurgis Night, Christmas, New Year’s Day, Easter, and Sweden’s National Day.

St.Lucia Day is a day honored to St.Lucia who was killed in 304 CE by roman soldiers because of her beliefs. Everyone dresses in white and sings. The oldest daughter serves food to everyone in the house.

On Walpurgis Night people sing traditional spring folk songs and light bonfires.

Swedes are Swedish people.

Swedes eat lots of seafood and food just like us.


Sweden has a King and Queen. Sweden is also called the Swedish Kingdom. King Carl XVI Gustaf and Queen Silvia currently rule Sweden.


Sweden has a mostly temperate climate. Sweden is in Europe. The latitude and longitude of sweden is 59.3500° N, 18.0667° E. Norway and Finland border Sweden and Denmark is close by. Sweden has over 2,000 mountains and caves. Räitavagge is a mountain in Sweden. There are about 100,000 lakes in Sweden. Mälaren is a lake in Sweden. Gotland is an island in Sweden.

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  • Ice Hotel-the Ice Hotel is a hotel made of ice

  • Stockholm Palace-the Stockholm Palace is the place where the royal family lives

  • Turning Torso-the Turning Torso is a 54 story building that turns around

  • Ericsson Globe-Ericsson Globe is the largest half dome in the world and too 2 ½ years to build

  • Gothenburg Botanical Garden-the Gothenburg Botanical Garden is a beautiful garden in Gothenburg