Building Learning Resource Systems

"If a building becomes architecture, then it is art."

Benefits of Building a Centralized Learning System

Centralized learning portals simplifies information exchange between students, teachers, and staff by providing a single virtual doorway to quality learning resources. This year we will work together to begin building a centralized learning resource system in which we will share best practices pertaining to how the Digital Learning Framework is being applied within BISD. All of you are already aware of the numerous benefits of sharing best practices via video, audio podcast, blogs, and text mediums through a centralized system. Benefits include the following.

  • Supportive Learning Communities: Greater communication between learning communities.
  • Access to Targeted Library Repository: Quality and vetted learning resources available anytime, anywhere.
  • Enhanced Experience: Dashboards and data system to analyze usage, view key indicators, and real time access to critical information by integrating solutions and data.

How can we showcase best examples of your teachers applying the digital learning framework? Many of you already do this, but we will work together to coordinate a larger effort of showcasing great best practice examples of not only digital learning but core content approaches using centralized mediums.

How To Use Online Resources to Increase Learning

As you know, online resources and virtual learning experiences are not created equally. It is important to consider instructional design, instructional models, delivery, and learning design. The term instructional design refers to the systematic and reflective process of translating principles of learning and instruction into plans for instructional materials, activities, information resources, and evaluation. An instructional designer is somewhat like an engineer. Learning design, however, documents and describes a learning experience in such a way that other teachers can understand and use it within their own context.

This year we will focus on how to encourage a strong approach to evaluating online resources and online delivery of content. If you would like to learn more, check out the following resources.

Facilitating 21st Century Learning

There are multiple models, approaches, and strategies to facilitate strong digital learning environments. With such an array of digital resources, technologies, and approaches it is important to measure the effectiveness of integration and implementation. Three important considerations when evaluating digital learning includes assessing available resources, skills, and curriculum approaches. Together will evaluate using at least two platforms this semester.

Digital Resources Framework

Please review the following Request for Video/Audio Learning Resources form. We would like for the system to be eventually a community resource in which multiple users share and create content. I welcome your feedback.