World War One

Trench Warface, Dog, Weapons, War in air and gas

Trench Warfare

The English blockaded of Germany coats became important to overall strategy of the war became it lead to the beginning of Germany capaing in October 1914 invading France. Germany's submarines became very close to cutting off Britain supplies to France in the English channel.


Machine guns were invend in the 19th centry The machine gun defense caused militry units to spread out with the battle are a forcing soldeirs to opperate in smaller groups.


Dogs had a viral part to play in World War 1 as the complexes of trenches spread throughout the western front. Military dogs in World War 1 were positioned in a varity of roles depending on their size intelligence and training. Generally the roles feel into the catagory of sentry, scoout dogs casually dogs, explosive dogs , ratters and Mascot dogs.

war in air

Air Warfare in World War One was an important advance in the Allied force it was a new way to fight the war. It was also a brilliant way to increase their range of attack and to get behind enemy lines, therefore a brilliant way to put spies in place, and attack from the inside.


The stalemate of WW1 left men caught in trenches for months and months. Gas usage had been considered uncivilized but the French resorted to its usage in August 1914 in an attempt to rout the Germans. Unfortunately the Germans were the first to give gas warfare serious development and it became used extensively before the war was over.