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GES Staff Update-Week of 3/21/16

Be Awesome for Kids!

I hope you all had a wonderful spring break! Our family definitely enjoyed the warmer temperatures and time in the sun without an alarm clock waking us up each morning! As I was looking over our campus calendar, I was reminded of how full our days will be in the coming months. It is hard to believe that we are staring our final nine weeks to this school year and heading into STAAR testing season. I know we each have a lot on our plates and I appreciate the many ways you give your best to our GES Stars! As I was perusing Facebook the other day, I came across a new Kid President post. You all know that I can't resist his little video clips. This one struck me as a good reminder as we enter into this busy time of year. We are blessed with the opportunity to work with kids each day. We get to teach them, watch them grow, hear them laugh and support them in countless ways! We get to celebrate kids...every day! Kid President challenges us to think about how we will make the world more awesome for kids. He reminds us of the importance of sharing the contagious things: love, joy & dancing! Attached to the email I sent out is an article that provides some tips for working with those most challenging students. It is called Fresh Starts for Hard-to-Like Students and gives four simple ideas for how to turn things around for the toughest of students. Try one and see what it does for that student and for your classroom culture! I hope you will continue to take time to breathe deeply during these busy days and to remember how special your job is in the eyes of your students. You make a difference each day and I appreciate how you make the world AWESOME for kids!!
Kid President is BACK with BIG NEWS!

GES celebrates the "Luck of the Irish"

Monday, 3/21 through Thursday 3/24 the GES Sunshine Committee would like to celebrate how lucky we are to work at GES! On Monday, March 21, you will find two shamrocks in your mailbox. Each shamrock says "I am lucky to work with _______ because ...." Think of someone you are lucky to work with every day at GES, write them a quick note, and place the lucky shamrock in their mailbox before the end of the week. To wrap up the short week, the Sunshine Committee will share a few little "lucky" treats in the lounge on Thursday, March 24.

World Down Syndrome Day

On Monday, 3/21, we will be honoring World Down Syndrome Day at GES by 'rocking' our socks! Flyers went home with students on Friday, 3/11, explaining how we will honor this event by wearing lots of crazy, colorful socks tomorrow! If you participate by 'rocking your socks' on Monday, please feel free to wear jeans so you can show them off and kick off our week of celebrating our differences!

Technology Topics

  • Please take a few minutes this week to review iPad Trust Card expectations and safe searching sites with your students. Digital Citizenship expectations should be reiterated prior to giving students assignments that include searching for images. We are in need of some reminders about how students are allowed to safely search for images online. Students are NOT allowed to search Google images or to use the image search feature on Pic Collage. Please note that these sites don't filter the images or the search topics that pop up in the search box! Both can allow students to view and/or read inappropriate content.
  • Check out the most recent technology blog: Tips and Settings When Using YouTube in the Classroom- http://gcisdleadwithtechnology.blogspot.com/2016/03/gcisd-youtube-settings.html

Friendly Reminders

  • On Tuesday, 3/22, we will take our STAFF picture on the stage steps at 7:20AM
  • Betsy Marsh has secured a spot at an upcoming BRIT meeting for an interested GES teacher. This month's Teacher Tuesday will be held on March 22nd from 5:30-7:30pm. The topic will be Pollinator Math! See the flyer below for details. Please contact Liz if you are interested in attending this special training opportunity!
  • It's hard to believe that we are staring our final nine weeks of the 15-16 school year! Before you know it, we will be having our end of year summative conferences with each staff member. If you would like to make a grade level change, have other interests you want to pursue, or are planning to retire, please talk with Liz sometime in the coming weeks!
  • Our March 1:1 PLCs will be on 3/24. All Instructional Paraprofessionals will have a required 1:1 training on March 24th @ 3:00pm. Please bring your iPads! Teams should be sure to complete the agenda doc by 3/22 (Nancy sent email on 3/10) so Amy Phillips can be prepared:


Upcoming Learning Days

We are planning full day PLCs for grade level teachers in April. We will provide subs to give you all time to collaborate, set goals, review assessments and plan together. We will be focusing our time on planning the last Writer's Workshop unit, reviewing current reading/writing needs, creating math CBAs, analyzing math & science assessment data, reviewing interventions and writing extension lessons. In order to make this happen, we will CANCEL grade level PLCs on April 7th and 1:1 PLCs on April 14th. Subs will be provided for teams according to the following schedule:
      • Thursday, April 7th - 3rd grade

      • Monday, April 11th - 5th grade

      • Tuesday, April 12th - 4th grade

      • Wednesday, April 13th - 2nd grade

      • Thursday, April 14th - 1st grade

      • Monday, April 18th - Kindergarten
Nancy Hale is working to secure subs for these dates, so please contact Liz & Nancy immediately if you have a conflict.

Lunch Line Changes

Thank you for your work as we adjust to one serving line in our cafeteria. The nutrition department appreciates our cooperation and work through some obstacles. Don't forget that we will need a teacher to walk students to the serving line door and remain there to monitor students. Please remind students to make their line against the wall towards Nino's trash/tray cleaning station. The teacher assigned to the door should remind students of their lunch options, and snack choices, to speed up the process of going through the line. Another key point the nutrition department gave us to keep the lines moving quickly is students knowing their PIN numbers. A newsletter reminder may help so parents can work on this with their children. Thanks for your help! We will continue to monitor the speed and processes to adjust as needed.


  • The communications department will provide important information on the 2016 Bond on Tuesday, 4/12, at 3:10pm. This is a meeting for all GES faculty. Please mark your calendar and plan to attend! Team leaders, we will have a virtual meeting instead of a face-to-face meeting.
  • Summative Conferences with Kim & Liz will be held Wednesday, 4/27 through Thursday, 5/3 Please note that 5/3 is a grade level PLC day and will only be available for paras . Teacher Self Reports 2 & 3 due in Eduphoria Monday, 4/11 and PLPs will need to be updated prior to your conference. Please use the following link to sign up for a time slot on our Google doc: https://docs.google.com/a/gcisd.net/spreadsheets/d/1G-jbJFG4DSFNn2mExV1bbc4ZmaA_yUXZHQS-pM3lB0k/edit?usp=sharing

Upcoming Dates

Sunday, 3/20- Saturday, 3/26 Fundraiser at Five Below in Euless (mention GES and 10% of purchases will benefit our school.)

Monday, 3/21 Monday Morning Math Lab (7:15-7:40am); Ensemble practice (2:45-3:45pm); WOW Garden Club (2:45-4:00pm)

Monday, 3/21 Deadline to enter grades for report cards (10:00 pm)

Tuesday, 3/22 STAFF picture at 7:20AM; Class picture day; STAAR prep meetings for 4th & 5th(conference times); Team Leader meeting (@3:10pm in Learning Commons)

Wednesday, 3/23 Report Cards are posted; NO Running Club today!!

Wednesday, 3/23 STAAR Accommodations training (3:10 Learning Commons)

Thursday, 3/24 1:1 PLCs; Ensemble practice (2:45-3:45pm)

Friday, 3/25 Bad Weather Make up day-NO SCHOOL
Monday, 3/28 Monday Morning Math Lab (7:15-7:40am)

Tuesday, 3/29 STAAR testing for 4th & 5th grades-closed campus; CEC at 3:10

Wednesday, 3/30 STAAR testing for 5th grade-closed campus; Running Club (2:45-3:30pm)

Thursday, 3/31 Writer's Workshop meeting (3:30-4:30pm) location TBA

Monday, 4/4 Monday Morning Math Lab (7:15-7:40am); Ensemble practice (2:45-3:45pm); WOW Garden Club (2:45-4:00pm)

Tuesday, 4/5 RtI meetings; Faculty meeting & Vocabulary Training (3:10 in the Learning Commons)

Wednesday, 4/6 RtI meetings; Running Club (2:45-3:30pm); Sunshine Committee Mtng.

Thursday, 4/7 Ensemble practice (2:45-3:45pm)

Friday, 4/8 Junior Achievement in a Day (K-5)-schedule of presenters coming soon!

Monday, 4/11 Teacher Self Reports 2 & 3 due in Eduphoria; Monday Morning Math Lab (7:15-7:40am); Ensemble practice (2:45-3:45pm)

Tuesday, 4/12 Faculty meeting* This is a required meeting for us to hear about the BOND election!

Tuesday, 4/12 Spring Creek Night for GES! (5:00-8:00pm)

Wednesday, 4/13 Running Club, KC Club, Student Council (2:45-3:30pm); NEHS (2:45-3:45pm)

Thursday, 4/14 Ensemble practice (2:45-3:45pm)

Saturday, 4/16 Rachel's Challenge Rally (8:00am-noon)

Monday, 4/18 Monday Morning Math Lab (7:15-7:40am); Ensemble practice (2:45-3:45pm); WOW Garden Club (2:45-4:00pm)

Tuesday, 4/19 Learning Teams/Afternoon PLCs (3:10pm)

Wednesday, 4/20 Running Club (2:45-3:30pm)

Thursday, 4/21 Ensemble practice (2:45-3:45pm); PTA meeting/Diversity Night (6:30pm)

Monday, 4/25 Monday Morning Math Lab (7:15-7:40am); Ensemble practice (2:45-3:45pm)

Monday, 4/25-Friday, 4/29 Kindergarten Registration

Monday, 4/25- Tuesday, May 3 Tarrant County Elections voting in the GES Gym

Tuesday, 4/26 Teacher & Para of the Year Celebration

Wednesday, 4/27-Thursday, 5/3 Summative conferences with Kim & Liz

Wednesday, 4/27 Running Club (2:45-3:30pm)

Thursday, 4/28 Ensemble practice (2:45-3:45pm); Kindergarten Rally (5:00-7:30pm)

Where We Will Be...

    • Monday, 3/21 - Nancy out 8-12noon; Liz at BCES (10-11am); Liz out (1:30-3pm)
    • Tuesday, 3/22 - Class picture day (Liz); Nancy at In-Tech training (8-12noon)
    • Thursday, 3/24 - Angela at Counseling PLC

    Monday Message to Parents

    The following link will take you to the parent newsletter that will be sent out Monday morning: https://www.smore.com/1g88c

    Disclaimer: It will be a work in progress until late Sunday night!!

    Information from Dr. Newell

    Summer Humanities Learning

    Summer will be here before we know it! Make plans to "vacation" with your Humanities colleagues in one of our GCISD learning opportunities. Many options are available - one-day conferences, multi-day institutes, virtual conferences, collaboration days, and more. More opportunities through Region 11, Region 10, and APSI will be sent later, but we wanted to be sure you had plenty of time to make plans for the GCISD learning options.

    PTA Information

    PTA Capital Improvement Grants

    We would highly recommend that you apply for a Capital Improvement Grant if there are any resources you would like for your classroom or grade level. Capital Improvements are for non-consumable items that can used for future years and will remain at Grapevine Elementary. You may consider submitting grants that haven’t been funded in the past by the GCISD Education Foundation or Schroeder Orthodontics. Items might include resources for Reader’s and Writer’s Workshop, math resources such as wrap-ups or other manipulatives, furniture for the classroom like wobble seats or chair pack pockets, etc. If it’s something you’ve always wanted, now is the time to submit a request! PTA has $10,000 allocated toward Capital Improvements this year! Make sure your voice is heard.

    You should have received a paper form in your box and one is attached to this email if you need another. Submissions are due by Monday, April 4, 2016!


    Please upload photos to TreeRing’s designated folders for the 2015-2016 GES Yearbook. If you don’t have a login please follow instructions below. You can also email your photos to gespictures@gmail.com Go to www.treering.com/validate and enter our school code 1013813367251830

    World Of Wonder Learning Opportunities

    Pollinator Math Training

    Betsy Marsh has secured a spot at an upcoming BRIT meeting for an interested GES teacher. This month's Teacher Tuesday will be held on March 22nd from 5:30-7:30pm. The topic will be Pollinator Math! See the flyer below for details. Please contact Liz if you are interested in attending this special training opportunity!
    Big image

    GCISD Information

    Bond 2016 Talking Points

    Please be sure you read over the Employee Do's and Don'ts (attached to this email and shown below). It is imperative that we all abide by these outlined expectations. Especially if you are an employee who is also a taxpayer and a parent in GCISD, there are specific expectations regarding communication about the bond. Please let me know if you have any questions or concerns about how to share the facts of this upcoming bond election. Thanks!
    Big image

    Google Links

    • Lesson plans, or links to your plans, should be saved to our Google drive folder in the GES Faculty and Staff folder:http://bit.ly/1LqQ4sg
    • Newsletters, or links to newsletters, should be saved to the Google drive folder in GES Faculty and Staff: http://bit.ly/1MAJbWP