What was the most intense Stanley

cup game in the 20th Century By Nic.S

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What Is Hockey?

Hockey Is a sport that is played on ice and it was created by James Creighton and it turned into a big hit.To play it you need Ice Stick and a puck.Hockey Started to catch peoples attention the first NHL team was called the Original Six.After the original six hockey really started to become a hit sport.

Some Intense Games

The top three intense games chosen in my opinion were the 2000 Devils game the 2010 Blackhawks game and the 2014 LA kings game

2000 Devils VS Stars

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=K0CvU004kZU The Stanley Cup Game in 2000 was an intense game.Devils won but it was intense because first the game went into overtime and there were lots of scoring chances lots of mistakes nearing the end Jason Arnett scores and wins the game for the devils and the devils won the 2000 Stanley cup in overtime.The Devils also did something huge they also won the first Stanley cup game in the 20th century that is also a huge deal.
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2010 Blackhawks VS Flyers

In 2010 the Blackhawks won the Stanley cup in overtime and the goal did not look like it went in. Everyone in the stadium was confused it went through the goalie's legs and even the referees were confused. The fans were wondering why the Blackhawks were celebrating and the refs talked to the head of hockey to figure out what was happening asking did they score? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XJc-HMuQgdo.Everyone in the stadium was confused and did not know what was going on and why the Hawks were celebrating.The Hawks ended up winning the goal did go in after review and the Hawks won the Stanley cup in overtime.
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2014 LA VS Rangers

The Los Angeles kings won the stanley cup for the second time in three years with a double overtime game against the New York rangers Game 5 2014 on a friday at the staples center in Los Angeles.Then the Rangers had an open net shot in overtime and the LA king put his stick in front of the shot and it was deflected away and missed the net and the ranger fans probably thought that they won but then it got deflected.Then Defenseman on the LA Kings Alec Martinez scored off a rebound and I don’t think any goalie had chance of saving that.https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oF591n-SOME
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Most intense Stanley cup in the 20th century

The Most intense Stanley cup game in the 20th century is the LA game was the most intense game in the 20th century because there were lots of close calls like open net misses hits there were lots of penalties and it went to more than overtime it went into 2OT and in the rangers had an open net shot and it deflected off an LA king stick and kept the kings alive.The kings and Rangers all had lots of nail biting shots and some shots fans thought that they won the game but they did not and then a 2 on 1 the kings were shooting up the ice the kings shot and missed and off the rebound and shot and scored the LA kings and the fans were going crazy and the Rangers were disappointed that they had just lost the 2014 stanley cup finals.