Act to Sustain biodiversity

An Act for Wildlife

~Animal Extinction~

  • People have caused over 322 species to go extinct over the 500 years.

  • 906 species are extinct it was 784 in 2006.

  • 4 Extirpated Mammals, 2 Extirpated Birds, 4 Extirpated Reptiles, 1 Extirpated Amphibian, 2 Extirpated Fish, 3 Extirpated Arthropods, 2 Extirpated Molluscs, 2 Extirpated Vascular Plants, 1 Extirpated Mosses and, 2 Extirpated Lichens.

The Great auk was hunted in Canada therefore leaving them extinct in Canada now. This is happening to animals, dozens are now extinct in the world because of humanity, before they were hunted for there fur coat, now they are hunted for anything from destroying land to wanting them to just leave them alone.

Government Laws

The Minister may, with the approval of the Governor in Council, enter into an agreement with the government of any province to provide for:

  • The undertaking of wildlife research, conservation and interpretation programs and measures, the administration of lands for those purposes or the construction, maintenance and operation of facilities and works related thereto; and

  • The payment of contributions in respect of the costs of those programs and measures.

How We Are Involved in the Environment.

Through-out humanity we have had a huge impact in the environment. Where the cities are used to be a nice open land or a giant forest for animals, ruining beaver dams, deer patches and animal habitats. Humanity has made 12 animals extinct in Canada, due to people rather than natural causes.


Canada yes we can make a program to change the state of wildlife and environmental habitat but we are not all involved in this act. There is laws that have been created to stop the hunt of various animals but that isn't working because most people would hunt for the fur even now of the animals. Together we should make more animal preserves and not destroy more land but reuse the land that is already destroyed and renew it.

Why Biodiversity?

Biodiversity - The variety of life in the world or in a particular habitat or ecosystem.

Biodiversity is important because it defines that there is supposed to be a variety of living organisms in a certain habitat of environment. Therefore it makes sense to have certain animals living in certain area's. Therefore biodiversity is important.

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