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A message from Ms. Robinson...

Together we make a FAMILY!

Greetings Red Imp Family! I hope you all are staying healthy and are finding time to make intentional memories with your family. We would like to thank all of our students and parents as this transition to Virtual MMS hasn't been the easiest however it has been smooth because of all the support we have received from each of you! Thank you for being understanding of the fact that this is unchartered territories for us as a school and we are doing all we can to support our students.

Our amazing teachers have stepped up big time! They are committed to providing all of our students with a virtual education experience. This newsletter has updates about virtual MMS as we are doing our best to keep everyone as informed as possible. Many of the titles are links to documents that give more details. If you have any questions you can contact any administrator at the listed email addresses below.

I could not be prouder of our students. The way you all have adjusted to Virtual MMS is very impressive. I love seeing you in your virtual classrooms interacting with your teachers and peers. The conversations have been rich and full of new information. You all are a great bunch of students and I am honored to be your Principal. Your MMS Family sees the bright future in each of you and these past two weeks you have helped to reassure us that our lives will be safe in your hands in the future. Keep it up kiddos!!!!


Ayana Robinson

MMS Proud Principal

Ms. Robinson (Principal):

Ms. Pratt-Dixon (7th Grade Assistant Principal):

Ms. Marshall (8th Grade Assistant Principal):

Mr. Akelman (Assistant Principal of Instruction):

Cameras on during virtual learning class.

Starting Thursday, April 2, we are expecting all students to keep their camera on while in the virtual classrooms. We are implementing this for the following reasons:

  • We want to make sure students are present the entire time the class is in session. If students have their cameras off we are not sure if they are really at the computer or if they have logged in and walked off.
  • We want to be sure that students are signed in using the correct name.
  • Being able to see our students helps to make the classroom feel more connected.

Student Rules for Virtual Classrooms

  1. All students should log in using their MGSD student account.
  2. Unless directed by the teacher, microphones should be on mute.
  3. Cameras should be turned on.
  4. When typing in the text box there should be no use of social acronyms (ie: LOL, LMAO, BRB, etc.)
  5. No use of profanity in chat boxes or while speaking.
  6. A student should not share their screen with the class unless they are directed to by the teacher.
  7. Students should be dressed appropriately.
  8. Remember, all classes are being recorded.

Late to class...

In order to prevent classroom interruptions, students will not be admitted into a virtual class after 5 minutes of the class starting. If the student has a valid reason for being late (internet issues, etc), he/she should email the teacher and let him/her know. The student should also plan to meet with the teacher during office hours.

due dates

Remember work is due every FRIDAY AT NOON!!
MMS Virtual Learning Plan

Review this document to learn how MMS is aligned to the SBOE virtual grading plan. All assignments given during Virtual MMS will count as an informal grade for Quarter 4.


This plan outlines the consequences of any action that impedes the online learning environment. Including, but not limited to, not following teacher directions, abusing the chat feature, misrepresentation of students, bullying, etc.

Secondary Online Learning

This website has everything needed for online learning. It includes links to schedules, links to receive tech support, and many other helpful resources.

2020-2021 MMS Registration

MMS Registration starts for our Rising 7th and 8th graders on Friday, April 3. Please visit this website to learn about the classes offered and to register for courses. Current 7th graders that means you!!!!!!

7th & 8th Grade Student Schedules

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