Fastest sport on 2 feet!

Play the first and best American sport

The Sport

Lacrosse was played by the Native Americans before the Europeans came over. Now the sport is one of the fastest growing in America,with a pro league,a highly competitive Ncaa league, and is played at highschools around the country.

The goal is to get the ball into the other net using sticks with mesh to throw the ball

Some of the Equipment


Q.How many people play lacrosse

A. About 800,000 people in America,mostly on the eastern half.

Q. How do I know if lacrosse is for me

A.It is. If you are quick and run fast,you can be a middie that makes the ball go from end to end. Are you big and strong and want to hit people? Defense is for you. Do you have amazing reactions? You can take faceoffs and win your team possession time and time again.

Q. There seems to be a lot involved.

A.Yes there is,but once you have that knowlage,its easy to play the game. You can also play pass with you r friends without all of the pads.