What I've Learned

Vanguard End of Year Project

Who I am

I'm Amanda DeBoer, the Assistant Principal at Merryhill School Arlington (School 1708).

Technology Integration

We have continued to integrate technology into the office. Obviously, office life revolves around the use of technology. However, with the iPads, we are able to make notes in classrooms, share documents, and better collaborate ideas.

In addition, our classrooms integrated technology in leaps and bounds this year. The implementation of 1:1 iPads allowed students to collaborate, research, and present in new ways.

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Process Boards

Our 6th grade students demonstrated their understanding of technology and geometry. Students found a technological object that also incorporated geometry. They then created their own design based on their research.

Students also researched how technology has changed how we work and live over time. They chose a specific time period, researched the use of technology, and compared and contrasted technological uses since that point.

Best Practices

I had the luxury of being able to easily observe teachers utilizing technology in their classrooms. From teachers using maps to point out land features, to creating videos of the plant process, to dropping notes and papers to students and back to teachers, I was able to witness best practices in each classroom. I then met with teachers individually and during staff meetings to provide feedback.


In order to improve next year's Vanguard PD, I would like to see and hear more examples of exactly how iPads are implemented in the classroom. Carol Risucci's video was hugely beneficial and helpful - I passed that along to my teachers at one of our PD days.


"Try." More than anything else we learned this year, the simple word "try" resonated with me above all else. That is the largest struggle I faced myself and with my teachers. There is a fear to try new things and a fear that things will not go perfectly. Things will never go perfectly, but if we don't try, then things will never improve either. I think about all of the pioneers in our world - where would we be if no one ever tried?