Jeffries Elementary

September 19-23, 2016

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Weekly Update:

Sept. 15-23: Book Fair: 8:30-4PM daily except:

Grandparent’s Day K-2 is Monday, September 19 from 7:30-8:30 a.m.

Grandparent’s Day for 3-5 is Wednesday, September 21 from 7:30-8:30 a.m.

Open House book fair will be open all times

Monday, Sept. 19- 4th/5th Grade Field Trip to College of the Ozarks (part of the Farm to School Grant)- leave around 9AM and return around 2:30PM- Liz attends with 4th/5th grade field trip.

IGNiTE Appy Hour! 4:00PM at Glendale High School

Tuesday, Sept. 20- TST Mtg. 7:45AM (Livingston's Rm.); Pick up your local fruit snack from the cafeteria (2:30PM on); 1:00PM- Liz Cooper meets with Carol Embree-Director of Finance (site visit); New Teacher Liaison Mtg. in Rachelle Certain's Rm. 4:00PM

Wednesday, Sept. 21- Leadership Team Mtg. 7:45AM (Conference Room); IGNiTE Collaborative Team Mtgs. with Debbie Hammer.

IGNiTE Project Team Mtg. 3:45-5:00PM in the Conference Room.

Dreambox Professional Learning opportunity- 4pm-5pm- Registration link:

Insight Dashboard for Monitoring of Class Progress

DreamBox Learning brings you a reporting tool for class progress enabling you to monitor the participation, proficiency and progress of all students within your class. This session will showcase the dashboard and reporting features allowing you to segment and customize four essential types of information, including: class use and progress in the curriculum; concept proficiency viewed by grade level, classroom or change over time; class usage during user specified timeframes. Dashboard reports enable educators to identify concept proficiency strengths and weaknesses among groups of students, uncover holes in the curriculum, and showcase best practices.

Thursday, Sept. 22- Watch DOG: Gerry Koeneman; IGNiTE Project Collaborative Team Mtgs. with Debbie Hammer. Jeffries Open House (4:30-6PM)- be sure to have parents sign up for a Parent/Teacher Conference time (Monday, Oct. 24 is our late night for all staff, but you can technically schedule them before/after school, during your planning time, etc. from Oct. 24-Nov. 4.; Liz out to Delta 9 Mtg. at KAC from 11:20-2:30PM (Rachelle Certain is Teacher in Charge for emergencies). Local veggie snack pick up from cafeteria 2:30PM.

Friday, Sept. 23- Watch DOG: Steve Hansen; Liz out for SAESP (Liz is President this year) Executive Mtg. from 2:15PM-on; Book Fair closes at NOON

Saturday, Sept. 24- Jeffries Staff/Family Event: Silver Dollar City Day (it is their Harvest Festival)- ANYTIME (the park is open from 9:30am-6:00)

Carpool or meet down there!

Future Dates:

Monday, Sept. 26- 2nd & 3rd Grade's Farm 2 School Grant Field Trip (to Ozarks Food Harvest Farm)- Coughenour & Martin's Classes (9:30-11:30PM); Eutsler & Allen's classes (12:00-2:00PM)

Note Farm UPDATE: The morning sessions schedule buses leave school 9:30am, 10-11 at the garden, return to school around 11:30.

The afternoon session schedule buses leave school noon, 12:30-1:30 at garden, return to school 2:00

Tuesday, Sept. 27- Farm 2 School Grant Field Trip (to Ozarks Food Harvest Farm)- Hubbell & Marlatt's Classes (9:30-11:30AM) & Whitaker & Hood's Classes (1:00-2:00PM); Travis Lewis with Farmers Insurance in the Conference Rm. (9-2PM) if you are interested in finding out discounts for teachers for auto/home insurance. Liz out from 10:30AM-12:00PM for a mtg. (Trisha Baugh is Teacher in Charge for emergencies only)

Thursday, Sept. 29- Parkview Cares event: Liz gone all day to Jefferson City (MAESP)

Friday, Sept. 30- Justin Lawson- Watch DOG; Leadership Assembly (pass out dog tags/certificates) with Fall Fundraiser Kick-Off at 9:30AM; Liz gone after Leadership Assembly to District PL Advisory Committe Mtg. (all day meeting at KAC); 3rd Grade's PBL Safety Night 6-7PM (Gym)

Monday, Oct. 3- Fall Picture Day

Tuesday, Oct. 4- Jaguar Junction (1st shopping day- Jaguar Junction Schedule); Treasures of the City (2nd and 3rd grade invited to attend); Student Council Mtg. 8AM in Eutsler's Rm.

Wednesday, Oct. 5-

Watch DOG: Tyler Bohm (Elliott Bohm- Trisha Baugh's class) Schedule

Professional Learning Opportunity:

4pm-5pm Registration link:

Insight Dashboard for Monitoring Individual Student Progress

The DreamBox Learning Insight Dashboard provides straightforward reports in an intuitive format that are easily customized by individual students. We turn data into insights so you can connect to every student, every day. In addition, the tool delivers at-a-glance information to educators regarding a students’ concept-level skills for aligned standards based lessons for any date in time. This session will highlight the individual student reports for personalizing target instruction, determining readiness for a concept, and assessing student proficiency.

Friday, Oct. 7- Health Fair (K, 1, 3, 5)

Oct. 10-21- Ozarks Food Harvest Food Fight (food drive) at Jeffries

Tuesday, Oct. 11- Happy birthday, Kala Ady!; 4th/5th grade assembly (music program) at 2:00PM; Faculty Professional Learning- 3:50-5:00PM; PTA General Mtg. with 4/5th grade performance at 7PM (in the gym)

Oct. 9-15- Fire Prevention Week

Wednesday, Oct. 12 (updated)- Fire Prevention Day (see schedule)

Oct. 19- Happy birthday, Tabitha Eutsler & Kelli Eberhart!

Oct. 24-28- Red Ribbon Week

Monday, Oct. 24- Late Night for Parent/Teacher Conferences at Jeffries (all staff stays until 7PM). Please follow up with ELL and SPED for students who receive these services to see if they are able to schedule a meeting all together with the parent.

Oct. 27- 5th Grade Field Trip to the Springfield Art Museum (Mendenhall & Rogers from 9:30-10:30AM); Mrs. O'Dell & Mrs. Eberhart's Class (12:30-1:30PM); Happy birthday, Joyce Hood! Mobile Dairy Presentation (brought to us by Nutrition Services) schedule

Oct. 29- Happy birthday, Kristie Martin & Dody McDaniel!

2016-2017 Professional Learning (tentative) & Jeffries School Action Plan

2016-2017 Dates/Professional Learning: See attachments! Please do not schedule meetings, appointments, etc. on district and building back to school dates!

2016-2017 Professional Learning Log (with dates)

Professional Learning Agendas for the Year & Input Needed

Book: Ditch That Textbook (feel free to go ahead and read it now if desired- great read!; Otherwise, we will be reading it throughout the year and use a CANVAS discussion for reflection).

2016-2017 Jeffries School Action Plan (formally known as SIP, etc.)- our goals for this year!

Looking for past newsletters this year?

Check out the Jeffries CANVAS page under "Newsletters."

I will try to keep them uploaded there for reference.

Senior Leadership/Elementary Principals Learning Follow-Up

Dear Team,

Every month at my Senior Leadership/Elementary Principals meetings (2nd Wednesday of the month), I will share out some of my learning with you. It will be a "flipped" learning and will trust you will review the information provided. If you would like to meet in a grade level team or individually to discuss anything, do not hesitate to let me know! Our mini-learning sessions this year will focus on Writing- as that is the district's focus this year.

Writing- Lesson 1: Lesson Planning (District expectations of what it will look like when designing lesson plans, components, etc. Several suggested formats of lesson planning is included. Feel free to pick the one (and modify as needed) that you like best that has the required components of Writer's Workshop.

We are IGNiTED!

Thank you to everyone who took the time to add a little extra decor and excitement to our IGNiTE deployment day! I appreciate you making it fun for our students. Looking forward to using these devices to provide even more engaging, relevant and personal lessons every day!

Special Events or Activities Coming Up that are Yearbook Worthy?

Missie Burk, PTA Mom and Yearbook Chair, would love to be invited to attend any special events or activities that she can snap a few pictures for the yearbook. Cell phone pictures- while perfect for Facebook, Twitter and your SMORE pictures, are not high enough quality needed for publishing in the yearbook. Please email her or give her a call in advance so she can capture the moment! 417-429-7241 or

Weekly Project Team Meeting

Wednesday, September 21, 2016- Agenda and Notes

Note: All teachers should read and click on links to keep up to date on discussions, resources and more!

Adaptive Software Talking Points for Project Teams

School Administration Protocol: Pornographic Images found on devices, cell phones, etc. protocol (as directed by School Police & SPS R-12 Upper Admin.)

Library/Need a Replacement Chromebook: When Sheri has classes, she won't be able to check out chrome books to students. Also, sometimes they run out. When we are out, we are out…she can’t fix it right now. They are working on getting me more! Sheri's schedule:

Before Sending a Chromebook down for repair: Here is a tip sheet that you can use with your students with some ideas of troubleshooting before a device would have to be turned into IT for repair.