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April, 2018-Office for School Performance-Volume 18

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Message from Dayle

When my daughter was in 3rd grade her friend was identified as Talented and Gifted (TAG). She was really excited for her but asked me why she hadn’t been identified earlier. Hadn’t she been TAG since kindergarten? I explained to Katelin the way students are identified- through standardized tests, checklists and other evaluations. And in logic only an eight year old could pull off she said, “So basically since there were no tests in Spanish or she didn’t do well on the tests she was given, she wasn’t identified? Aren’t all people gifted in some way? It’s just you don’t have a test for it?”


She is right. All our students are gifted in someway. Some are gifted musically, some can tackle complex math, some build, some create and some inspire and lead others. All gifts are valuable and all are needed for our society and collective greatness. Unfortunately, most of us tend to value the same ones- math, English, problem solving, science. Meanwhile the students who excel at other things aren’t hearing our passion and excitement for their strengths. Most of us don’t know how to help kids that aren’t good at school like we were. My challenge for myself and for you is- let’s learn! Let’s work with students and reflect back their strengths while we also learn about career paths with them. Just because we don’t have a test for it or know the path to a successful application of their strengths doesn’t mean it’s less valuable. Let’s make sure our students know we believe in them and their greatness just how they are!

HSD Focus 2017-2018

INSTRUCTION: Starting with the Why

How many times have we witness a student ask the question “Why do I have to learn or do this?” ...and most of the time we simply respond with “because you have to”. Simon Sinek, a motivational speaker and author of the book, Starting with the Why, inspires people to start with the why before the what and how. What if we applied this concept to instruction? What if we wake our student’s curiosity and engagement by connecting their why to our what and how?

For example: During National Engineering month in February we partnered with Intel, & Oregon Connections to connect every 4th grade class in our district with Intel volunteers in order to bring science and math to life for our students. About 150 Intel volunteers walked into our schools to facilitate standards-based hands-on activities for our 4th graders. They also talked to students about the why of learning science and math and how it impacts the work they do in their careers. The student engagement and teacher feedback after this event was overwhelmingly positive. Take a minute to review the following media resources highlighting this event:

If you would like to connect your what and how with the why in our community don’t hesitate to contact Priscilla Lundberg at ORConnectionsHelp@pdxstem.org. She can help connect you with a local business that can bring to life the why of your instruction at any level.

BUILDING RELATIONSHIPS: Trauma Informed Care & the Life-Changing Question

Oprah just did a segment on 60 minutes on Trauma Informed Care. In one of her post interviews she talks about the impact that her 4th grade teacher had on her because she gave her a sense of value and connection in the midst of her personal trauma as a child. She states that the most important question to ask about our students in the midst of their chaotic environment is “What happened to them?” rather than “What is wrong with them?” This is a life-changing question that shifts perspective and allows students to explain why they are reacting that way. Check out the video below to see her full interview.



What it is: "Today’s cutting-edge, rigorous and relevant career and technical education (CTE) prepares youth and adults for a wide range of high-wage, high-skill, high-demand careers" (ACTE.com). CTE integrates academics and skills based curriculum in a relevant and rigorous way while also featuring high school and post-secondary partnerships that allow for clear pathways to certifications and degrees.

What it isn’t: Career and Technical Education is not just Vocational Education. CTE is not a way to track students or pigeon hole them into a career field, it is not a lower quality of education and CTE students are not less capable nor do they have lower aspirations than not CTE students. Rather CTE courses and the hands on relevant experiences students have, build transferable skills that lead to success in career AND college, while showing a realistic picture of the future students will face in the working world.

Bond Highlights: April, 2018

Implementation of the District’s $408 million capital construction bond is well underway. The first major project was a $1.1 million technology rollout of 40-unit Chromebook carts to each school. Each high school received five carts, each middle school received four carts, and elementary schools are receiving two to four carts, based on their enrollment, for a total of 117 carts and 4,680 Chromebooks. Additionally, the Board has approved the RFP to begin building the District’s fiber network. Planning has already begun, and work will commence in earnest starting July 1. Finally, the Tech Enhanced Classroom upgrades have begun. High schools and middle schools will be completed by the Fall and work will commence at elementary schools in October. Most projects for 2018 will be completed in the summer, including: turf fields at Glencoe and Hilhi; playground and dropoff improvements at several elementary schools; and the first phase of flexible furniture installation taking place in 11 elementary schools.

Design and planning for 2019 and 2020 projects are beginning soon. This week, the Brookwood community will start planning for its new replacement school, slated for completion in summer 2020.

Work on the bond is taking place through 2022, focusing on four areas:

· Improving safety and security

· Building for the future

· Enhancing existing infrastructure

· Providing a modern educational experience for all students


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And, as always, if you have professional development needs that are not reflected in our offerings or the timing is not matching your need, please contact Becky Kingsmith or Arcema Tovar for problem solving.

High School Schedule Conversations

The high school block schedule has been in place for awhile now and recently some school staff have asked if we can have conversations about its effectiveness and whether or not there are other schedules that may support student achievement more. Absolutely!

High school principals will be submitting names for a district wide committee to begin digging into data and research about effective scheduling. There is no plan at this time to change the schedule; we truly want to just begin the conversation and see what the facts say. Updates will be provided as conversations unfold! Stay tuned.