Lyon News, 5.5.16

Not All Superheroes Wear Capes

Weekly Update

You Are A Star! I hope you all enjoyed the week. Jeanette and I appreciate each one of you so much. No amount of food or fun could show you how much you are appreciated at Lyon.

We are headed into the home stretch and I know we are all feeling a bit overwhelmed. As we wrap up the year please refer to the EOY checklist to ensure all items are complete. If you have any questions stop by the office and ask. We can certainly assist in any way.

Last Week of School Schedule:

Monday: Day as usual*

Tuesday: Day as usual*

Wednesday: Attendance BBQ (K: 12:30, 1st: 1:00, 2nd: 1:45, 3rd: 1:30, 4th: 1:15, 5th: 2:00)

Thursday: Field Day (K-2nd: 9-11:00, 3rd-5th: 1:00-3:00), NO SPECIAL CLASSES ON THIS DAY, Special class teachers will assist in supervising all students. Mrs. Brown has DVDs for you to check out in order to fill in since there are no specials.

Friday: 5th grade celebration, 10:00, assembly following, Lunch on the Lawn during your lunch time, DUE TO NO SPECIALS, ALL SPECIAL CLASS TEACHERS WILL HAVE A LUNCH DUTY or ASSIST with parent check-in and out in the office. (schedule coming soon)

*Feel free to do a grade level activity on Monday or Tuesday, rotating coverage to allow each teacher time to finish data or import grades

Placement Cards

If your grade level would like to assist in class lists for next year, please plan to meet in Casey's office during your plan time on Tuesday. Feel free to bring those cards with you on Tuesday or place them in Casey's office prior to Tuesday.

Classroom and Grade Level Money

I have had several questions regarding budget and money for next school year. Here are the facts:

  • Purchase all NEEDED ITEMS ($100 for you, $200 per teacher within grade level).
  • You are in charge of purchasing spelling dictionaries, paper, chart paper, etc.
  • If you run out of money and needs arise in December, etc. I can help you out. You need to use your money first.
  • Grade level requisitions need to have GRADE LEVEL as the first line in the requisition.
  • IPA bulk order sheets will be turned in to Ruth with your name or grade level at the top. On the requisition you will put IPA BULK ORDER and the total cost. We will attach the bulk order sheet to the PO and fax to IPA.
  • Come see me with questions.