The Reindeer That Ran Away

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"Dasher, Dancer, Prancer, and Vixen! Comet, Cupid, Donner, Blixen and Rudolph!" It was that time of year again when Santa did his reindeer roll call, making sure he had all of his reindeer. Each reindeer replied with a loud groan. In between roll calls, Santa noticed something out of the ordinary. "Now for the calves! Ginger, Baxter, Holly, and Max! Coco, Marvin, Snowflake, and Marshmallow!" Like all the other reindeer, they all returned with some type of noise to show that they were there. That is, every reindeer except for Marshmallow. Marshmallow was a chocolate brown reindeer, who could sometimes be mistaken for an over sized chocolate chip. Where could Marshmallow be? Santa tried to remember the last time Marshmallow was seen. She was in the the barn last night and this morning before breakfast. Santa sent each reindeer around every ground in the North Pole to look for little Marshmallow. Tomorrow was Christmas eve so she had to be found FAST.
As the reindeer were on the search for Marshmallow, Dasher approached the barn, because he heard a sound, and began to search the stalls. It sounded like it was a reindeer! When Dasher got in the barn he thought he had found Marshmallow, but when he turned the corner, it was only Rudolph. Dasher walked back and heard Santa making an announcement, "All reindeer meet in front of the present wrapping pavilion."
When all the reindeer arrived at the pavilion, Santa tells the reindeer that they will sadly have to take on Christmas without Marshmallow. He thought there was no hope, yet a little part of him thought they could find him. This news was a disappointment to everyone, but there was nothing to do at this point. All of the reindeer sighed and walked away. All of a sudden Santa heard jingle bells, the ones he had attached to every one of his reindeer. Each of the reindeer perked up with excitement and ran toward Marshmallow. Marshmallow was found and Christmas would be complete!
1. Compound sentence

2. Prepositional phrase

3. Participial phrase

4. Adverb clause

5. Appositive phrase

6.Adjective clause