(1) Talent management Department.

  • Electing 4 OCPs , 3 TLs.
  • Launch VPBD application
  • Award in kick off as top IXP devilry
  • Coaching series preparation for coaching
  • LCM preparation.
  • Launch Chair application form for LCM
  • Lpen Application form for the position of LCVP BD(Kindly refer to your emails dated 11th November 2014 for full details.

(2) oGCDP Department.

  • Award winner: We are proud to announce the winner of an award. Ladies and gentlemen, put your hands together for the winner of "oGCDP Wintership Competition in KO2014" award 2014, oGCDP department, LC ANFA.
  • Coaching Day : 7th December 2014.
  • 2 Realizations in November, 8 Matches (3 for December,1 for January and 4 for February) and 5 Available EPs (1 for January and 4 for February)
  • Online Promotion (Opportunities promotion, #GlobalCitizenChallenge)
  • Offline Promotion (Info-Booth in ENCG Casa)
  • SPECIAL Recognition :

Members of The Month November :

- Ibtissam EL YAAKOUBI


Spotlight Members of the month November :



  • Message to ANFAist :

We really need your collaboration to make Winter Happen, you can help by :

1. Sharing posts from our Facebook Page

2. Sharing the #GlobalCitizenChallenge

3. Inform your friends about our programme

Also if you are interested in The Global Citizen Programme in Winter please contact

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(3) Finance Department.

We are proud to announce the winner of an award. Ladies and gentlemen, put your hands together for the winner of "Demonstrating Integrity Certificate in KO2014" award 2014, Finance department, LC ANFA.

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(4) iGCDP Department.

MRR Team

  • Manage to sign contracts with 5 NGOs for the winter peak.
  • Sales meeting with NGOs related to entrepreneurship field.
  • Preparation for summer and off peak.


  • Online Promotion (Facebook and emails) is on going.
  • Matching 12 EPs.
  • Since we have problems with EXPA, so we're using offline Matching.
  • 2 Realization : Thiago and Guillerme from Brazil.
  • iGCDPers will run this winter 8 awesome Projects based on education issue : Dare to teach, Hope, Rise Up, Teach me if you can 2.0, AMAL, Chantiers des langues 2.0, Education CM and IDMAJ Insertion. And once again, ladies and gentlement, put your hands together for the OCPs elect of winter projects:

  1. Dare to teach (Salima Dhaibi)
  2. Hope ( Soufiane Ettarrabi)
  3. Rise Up (OCP Not elected yet but there are 4 applicants )
  4. Teach me if You can 2.0 (Shaymae Rharhari)
  5. Chantiers des langues (Bakr agoumi)
  6. Amal Project (National) (Salaheddine El Hanafi )

            • Finally, iGCDP department had a great meeting Last Sunday

            (5) IGIP Department.

            • 3 new partners : Marocvente ( 5TNs) / Influcom ( 2TNs) / British Workshop ( 3 TNs) which means that we currently have 6 partners, we started the term with one (, then we signed with ( Pixweb and Headway).
            • We currently have 14 TNs available.
            • This past sunday we made an LC2LC partnership with LC lisboaIseg in Portugal ( realised 1 EP and Matched 1).
            • Team meetings ongoing, Departement meeting next weekend.
            • Event : Second edition of the National sales Blitz with BD.
            • Preparation for coachings and training for iGIP members.
            • Preparation for new raises.

            QUOTE OF THE WEEK

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