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Mr. Borrero's Newsletter

To the 8th Grade Class of 2022

It has been a great first week, here at I. S. 24! It was a pleasure to see everyone back in the building.

We will continue to use this newsletter to update you moving forward. This week, please note the following items:

  • We will be holding an in-school vote for the location of our 8th Grade Trip in two weeks.

  • You will be receiving information about gaining access to the COSA Google Classroom on Monday. Students, please join as soon as you receive your code in order to gain access to information, payment forms, and action items that are pertinent to you as 8th graders.

  • Use the button below to view the I. S. 24 Special Tees store to purchase your I. S. 24 apparel! Orders are due no later than October 17th!

We would also like to remind you to review the student handbook, linked here in this newsletter. Please make sure you are checking pupil path regularly. All important links that will help you stay well informed and actively engaged throughout this year can be found below in this newsletter. Keep up the good work and look out for some fun and exciting events coming up for our 8th graders!

Thank you,

Mr. Borrero

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Morning Safety @ IS24

Taking Additional Vacation Days

Please be aware that family vacations should be planned to coincide with the school calendar. If you are extending your weekend or vacation (for example attending sports tournaments) please be mindful that teachers are planning lessons on a daily basis for students in attendance. Therefore, to make prior arrangements for assignments, projects, and other instructional activities involving work that has not yet been presented is something that we do not endorse.

Also, student absences will be treated as an “unexcused absence”. You should also be aware that teachers cannot be expected to provide “catch up” work or to administer missed exams for students that have been on vacation. Nor shall teachers be required to repeat lessons that were given during the vacation period.

Parents and students should monitor Pupil Path regularly. Students should make up work when they arrive back to class and or try to submit daily. Please keep this in mind when planning your next family vacation.


Mikayla Hayes, class 700, has been caught doing something good!

Besides making ARISTA last year and consistently working hard to maintain her grades, so that she can be on the Principal's list every marking period, Mikayla is also a member of the U.S. Figure Skating Association. Not too many people know this, besides her family and some of her friends, but she skates 4 times a week for about 3 hours, all while trying to maintain her grades.

Mikayla was just awarded for successfully landing her axel jump, which is a huge accomplishment! She was also featured in Skating magazine's kids spotlight . You can see Mikayla's magazine feature, and a video of her landing her first axel jump, as well as her 2019 competition performance below.

We are so proud of Mikayla's dedication to both her academics and her skating ! Keep up the great work.

Have you been doing something good in the community?

We would like to highlight your efforts as a student body during this remote experience. Please click the above link to let us know how you are giving back to those around you.

Cristina Salimeni, Class 710, has been caught doing something good!

Cristina and her family have been making sure to help out others this year! First, they donated some turkeys and food to their church parish for Thanksgiving. All of the donations were sent to a local food pantry. The Salimenis also bought Christmas gifts and participated in their church Angel Tree gift event. The gifts are all sent to children in need and who are in the hospital. Cristina said, " It makes me feel good to help out others. I am glad the children will have some gifts to open at Christmas."

Follow-Up : John Guastella 703, Ridley Schargen 701, Louis O’Neill 703, and Jessica O’Neill 719 have been caught doing something good!

Nothing stops these kids ! After delivering flyers throughout their neighborhood, John, Ridley, Louis, and Jessica trekked through the rain to collect over 300 toy donations. The students, along with their parents, Mr. Borrero, and Miss Van Sise brought all of the donations to Senator Lanza's office on December 18th ! The students received Certificates of Recognition for Community Excellence from Senator Lanza.

You've Been Caught Doing Something Good !

John Guastella, Ridley Schargen, Louis O’Neill, and Jessica O’Neill were caught doing something good!

John Guastella 703, Ridley Schargen 701, Louis O’Neill 703, and Jessica O’Neill 719 did not want to let the pandemic stop I.S. 24’s annual fundraiser. After John saw Senator Andrew Lanza’s post on instagram about the annual toy drive, he realized our school may not be able to assist as we have for the past 14 years. In an interview with Mr. Borrero and Miss Van Sise, John said, “I decided to put out flyers… it was a job too much for one person, so I asked my friends and they decided to join and help.”

Over the course of two days they delivered 500 fliers to homes in their neighborhood. They asked family members for donations to pay for the printing and used their own money for the difference. Included on the flyer they wrote, “we want to give back to the community, so we decided to host a toy drive. Every year our school hosts a Holiday Toy Drive. This year because of the pandemic and most kids are in remote learning, we decided to ask our neighbors to donate a new unwrapped toy for Senator Lanza's annual Toys for Tots Drive. When you are shopping for your own family and friends why not put an extra toy in your cart for someone in need.”

The students asked family members for donations to pay for the printing and used their own money for the difference. They have already received numerous calls from people that they already have donations and will be collecting these toys on 12/14.


We are so proud of the efforts of these four students to continue out our tradition of participating in this toy drive. In the 14 years that Mr. Borrero has been heading this fundraiser, I.S. 24 has donated over 15,000 toys.

Class of 2022 has been Caught Doing Something Good !

Check out our previously highlighted students and their immense efforts to make a difference in our community !

Ms. Passarelli

8th Grade Co-COSA, Coordinator of:

  • Activities
  • Events
  • Student Communications
  • Graduation

Mrs. Hecht

8th Grade Co-COSA, Coordinator of:

  • Activities
  • Events
  • Student Communications
  • Graduation

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