Digital Conversion Bytes

Vol. 12 - March 10, 2017

Chisholm Third grade students are using the iPads in Many different ways

Third grade students at Chisholm Elementary have been using their iPads for many different projects this year. Below are a few examples.
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Student Thoughts on Using Chromebooks at Edmond North

Recently, biology students in Ms. Ruth Zumwalt's class at Edmond North shared their thoughts on using the Chromebooks in class. Take a look at the video below to see what they had to say!
Chromebooks at Edmond North

About the Project

Mission: Empowering all students to succeed in a

changing society.

Vision: Advancing excellence in everything we do!

Digital Conversion, simply put, is about learning and not about technology. The project will provide student mobile devices, digital content (curriculum, including textbooks), professional development, network infrastructure, and a Learning Management System. This project will provide our students with the experience, skills, confidence, and adaptability they will need to succeed in college and in the workforce.