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Week of November 30, 2015

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12 Days of Winter Fun

Welcome back!

I hope everyone had a restful, enjoyable Thanksgiving break!

As we stay focused on teaching and learning the next three weeks, we plan to have fun! Please look for an email from Dorothy, sharing details about our upcoming 12 days of winter fun!

With positive energy and a big smile for you,


SAM Principal Update

Thank you all for conducting business as usual when my SAM Shadow was with me. I am using this data to inform my instructional decisions, just as you do each day. My goal this year is to ensure that 58% of my time each day has an instructional focus, supporting teaching and learning at our school, instead of management and operational activities/meetings. This graph represents my baseline data at 46.7%. Therefore, I am going to post my daily calendar/plan in the mail room so you can see where I am supposed to be and when I will be in my office in case you need to see me for something. My hope is to see you and our students more in the classroom, which should make it easy for you to find me each day :)

As you can see, I am growing to meet my professional goals, too!

GMAS Results in Portal

The district office shared that student scores will be in the Portal soon. Our Media Relations Department prepared some documents to support parents as they review this information for the first time. A copy of these documents are loaded in the GMAS folder on our Training Page for your reference in case parents send questions to you about how to interpret scores in the Portal. We will also send a copy of the brochure home in our Friday Folders once we have confirmation that scores are in the Portal.

LSPI Visit-Thursday, December 3

Dr. Anderson will visit us on Thursday, December 3 in the morning. Last time, we enjoyed observing our second grade as our children were engaged and learning in various phases of GRR. We can't wait to visit all of our classes, so look for us in the near future!

Mid Year RBES Data Update

Please make sure your F&P levels are updated and all other areas of your RBES data spreadsheets by January 5, 2016. All Midyear RBES Implementation Plan Updates must be updated in the GTES Tool by January 15, 2016.

If you received a comment about your implementation plan during the evaluator sign-off phase of RBES, please make sure you include this data or evidence in your midyear implementation update.

Please bring clarifying questions to your Midyear Conference scheduled this week.

Mid Year Conferences

Mid Year Conferences will begin on Monday, November 30. Please bring the following to your conference:

1. Your laptop.

2. Your data notebook used during Reader's and Writer's Workshop.

3. Your plans for e-CLASS usage (we will look at your C&I page).

Working on the Work this Week

CLT on Tuesday-Reflective Questions

Is your team beginning with the AKS, developing clear learning targets, and planning for purposeful questions at that same level of rigor? What data are you using to group your students in the phases of GRR? How will you enrich, remediate, or accelerate students based on this data?

Thursday Staff Development-Number Talks are our focus Thursday, December 3.

ESOL Endorsement

At this time, we have 3 teachers on our faculty who are ESOL endorsed out of 38 certified teachers. Our cluster is forming an ESOL endorsement class. It will begin in January and meet at Level Creek Elementary School. If you do not have your ESOL endorsement, please consider this opportunity. Based on the student services shown for our school, you can see that our EL enrollment is second to the number of students served in Focus, and we anticipate this program will grow at our school in the coming years.

Please see Sandi or Emily if you have questions about this opportunity.

Bedtime Stories

Thank you to all of our volunteers at Bedtime Stories on December 3! The students are going to thoroughly enjoy this evening with you!
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4th Grade Chorus Performance

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Simulation Experience for Fifth Graders

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PTA Bench Dedication

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Lynn sharing at Vision

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Lisa at the TOTY Recognition Dinner

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Student usage has steadily increased over the past four weeks...Great job!

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Week At-A-Glance

Monday, November 30

Personal Leave Not Allowed

9:00 - Operational Team Meeting

Tuesday, December 1

6:30 - Spirit Night @ Skate Country

Wednesday, December 2

Cluster Principal Meeting

Special Education Day

7:30 - Chorus Practice

7:30 - Chess Club

2:45 - Guitar Club, (performance and last meeting)

2:45 - Tech Club

2:45 - After School Chorus Practice

Thursday, December 3

7:15 - Mentor/Mentee Meeting

2:00 - SNP Inservice Meeting

2:45 - Orchestra Club

3:00 - Good News Club

5:30 - SES Bedtime Stories/Vendor Night

Friday, December 4

7:15 - Readers Rally

11:00 - SAMS Club