Fashion Designer

My Personality

My primary personality color is orange. This shows that my personality is Generous, and Optimistic because I like to learn new things. I communicate with others very well. I try to find good things in most situations. For example, I miss my friends in India, yet I come to school with a smile on my face.

I am interested in activities that require me to create, to design, and to use my imagination.

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My Career choices are a fashion designer, a middle school teacher or a technical writer. Of these choices, fashion designing appeals to me most. In fashion designing I would design clothing and accessories, in addition to creating original designs or adapting fashion trends.

On the job, I would sketch rough and detailed drawings of apparel or accessories and write specifications such as color schemes, construction, material types, and accessory requirements. The salary is $64,030.00 per year. New job opportunities are less likely or below average in the future. An associate's degree or some college is usually needed to become a fashion designer.

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I decided to go to a school named University of North Texas, which is located on Chestnut Avenue in Denton, Texas. Annual cost for tuition and fees is $6,467.00, but for tuition and fees cost-in-state, on campus it is $16,373.00. Tuition and cost out- of- state, on campus is $23,117.00.

Each year there are 13,150 applicants but only 64% are admitted. The majors that support my career choice are fashion/ Apparel Design and fashion merchandising.

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I have a sufficient amount of money because of my annual salary is $64,030. My monthly expenses are $11,045. My monthly for housing will be a 2 bedroom house, I want to spend $1,261. For utilities I want to spend $384, and for food I want to spend $300 per month.

I have more money to spend to buy a car, nice clothes and personal needs. Then from my salary I need to spend $169 for health care. Each month I can save $231. I can afford everything I want using my salary.

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