A Fishy Shower Stall

Great for the Kids!


  • Do your kids HATE taking showers? If so, install the Fishy Shower Stall!

  • Children will love the beautiful hand painted fish around this high quality shower stall, and they will play and tell stories in the shower, not bugging their parents at all!

  • With the waterproof touchscreen display, parents can download audio books and music for free, and stream them to the screen in the shower stall! Parents can enjoy their own music too, just make sure to put restrictions on parental content! To stream content, upload the files directly onto your MyFishy account, and press download on the screen in the shower stall!

  • 4/5 parents in the GTA agree that their children have benefited from this shower stall, since they love to take showers!

Pricing and Availability

The shower stall price is a package which includes the price of the stall itself, and the installation. A representative from our company will come on any given day to install the shower stall, so no need to call other workers to install it!

The cost of the Shower stall is $1899.99 + Tax

"A Fishy Shower Stall" is not available in stores as of yet, but following the link to our website: www.FishyShowerStall.com/buynow, you can order it online and we will send a representative anytime you want to deliver and install it! You can also call us at the number

647-999-9999 to order. You must live in the Greater Ontario Area in order to purchase this shower stall at the current moment, but our goal in the future is to get major retailers to distribute it, so families across Canada can benefit from our product.

Plus, every Fishy Member receives the free song "Shower" by Becky G, with the purchase of the FIshy Shower Stall! Play the video to listen to the song!
Becky G - Shower (Audio)

About Our Company

Our company's name is Fishy Stall Inc. Our main goal is to get parents into buying our products to benefit for their children, primarily the younger ones between the ages of 4-8. Also, our goal is to get retailers into buying our product, so that it can be widely available across Canada We started this company in 2012, and we have sold over 10,000 shower stalls since then, and the ratings are very high.

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