Necrotizing fasciitis

By Noah Schimanski


Patients infected with flesh-eating bacteria will undergo many different types of treatment. The intensity of treatment depends on the stage of the disease when treatment is started. If the disease is far enough along they would have too cut it out. They can also use antibotic therapy if its in a minor stage.


The bacteria that cause necrotizing fasciitis can enter the body following surgery or injury. They can also come through minor cuts, insects bites, abrasion. In some cases, it is unknown how the infection began. Once it takes hold, the infection rapidly destroys muscle, skin and fat.

Vectors how it is carried?

Flesh Eating Bacteria is commonly caused by group A Streptococcus bacteria. This is also what you have when you get strep throat. There are a few other bacterias that carry it but they are not common. You can get these bacterias by eating undercooked meat.

Effects to Human

This condition is a rare infection, often described as flesh eating bacteria. It can be fatal if not treated properly. This disease spreads very quickly and intensly through the human body. It then eats at muscle, skin and fat. Around 700 cases are reported every year. 25 percent of them are fatal the others aren't. Its very rare for a child to get this disease.


There are many obvious symptoms involved with this disease. If you ever encounter one of these symptoms go to a doctor. The skin would start to go red, then eventually turn to purple. Your skin eventually becomes hot. Then big blisters will form on your skin.

Interesting Facts about the disease

  • It can kill you in under a day.
  • It will eat away at your skin, then it will eat your muscle. Your organs will eventually start to fail. Thus leading to a slow and painful death.
  • It is Gram +
  • The texture of it is very spotty and very unorganized.