Friday Focus


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Thank you

Janice and I can't thank you enough for all of the hard work and dedication you put in to make the students at Westside be successful. The month of May can be hectic and jam-packed. Please take the time to look around and see all of the wonderful things that are happening. If you get discouraged, find time to reflect on why you decided to work with children in the first place. Remember, even on your worst day you may be the only hope a child has.

Everyday Heroes... not all heroes wear capes.

A Kind Word from Ms. Steward

Ms. Steward's class has been working hard for the past two weeks on their Student Class Treasure Book, Animal Poems and More... Thanks to Mrs. Benton who suggested using the Colorscape app to make the students' self-portraits which would look like a color page. Another thanks goes to Christina Morrison who figured for Ms. Steward how to actually take the pictures from her phone and send them to Vickie to print out from her printer. The results--a beautiful illustration to go with the students' Autobiographical Poem. What a keepsake! Parents and students are anxiously waiting for copies of their books to be printed. Word is that it will be a Best-Seller!

I could go on about the volunteers who patiently sat and monitored and encouraged the students to take their time, etc. and of course Penny and Mrs. Adams who helped to figure out how to print the right picture on the correct page, right side up etc.--and doing it with a smile while they took time out of their busy schedule. AND thanks to Janice for offering to do this project year after year and keeping us on our printing time-line.

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What's Happening at WES

2nd Grade From Seed to Plant

Math in Action

Community Service Project- PAW Project and Humane Society

Positive Post-It Day... EVERY DAY!!!

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  • I have had several emails this week from different teachers informing me of various ideas they are using from the #lastbell document such as pirate posters, hands-on science, science centers, poetry, Cinco de Mayo celebrations and classroom units on insects.
  • Kindergarten Orientation was very successful. The newest wildcats were excited and eager to meet all of the kindergarten teachers.
  • The staff and SAC voted to approve WES to be a title 1 school. It is highly likely that DOE will approve our title 1 status as well.
  • FSA & FCAT testing is OVER!!!!
  • WES is blessed with an amazing guidance counselor that made testing as painless as possible and all the the faculty and staff were very flexible and accommodating.
  • We are entering the last month of school (we won't count the couple of days in June) strong and ready to do "Whatever it Takes" to ensure student success.
  • Mrs. Camp and I are thrilled to see so much science integration in the ELA block... cold reads, center work, non-fiction science text.
  • I appreciate the bell-to-bell teaching that is taking place in the classrooms. Keep up the hard work!
  • Thank you to all of the paras that pull morning, afternoon and/or lunch duty. You all help keep our school safe and running smoothly.
  • A+ Celebration and Playground Appreciation Day is Tuesday. We are allowing Tuesday to be a jeans and superhero/WES shirt day as a small token of our appreciation.
  • Our students are amazing readers!!! We have several classes that have almost 100% of their students at 100+ points! WOW!!! The more we read, the more we know!
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