Summer Reading Project: Chains

Natalie Speer


The plot in the story is a girl, Isabel Gardener, and her younger sister, Ruth Gardener, are fighting for freedom. without their mother and father to help them.

Here are the events:


*Main Character- Isabel Gardener, Ruth Gardener, Curzon

*Setting- Madam Lockton's house, jail, the sea

Rising Action-

*Isabel and Ruth get sold to Madam Lockton and her husband

*Isabel meets Curzon, Bellinghams son

*Isabel hears about Lockton's plan to kill General Washington

*Isabel goes and tells Colonel Regan and learns the code word

*Lockton is sent off to some other place and Madam is left with the two children


*Ruth gets sold and Isabel stayed because she was drugged

Falling Action-

*Isabel tries to run away to get Colonel Regan, but is caught by Madam, and is stamped by iron on the cheek for bad behavior

*Curzon later becomes a soldier, and leaves Isabel all alone with Madam and Becky, the other maid

*Curzon goes to jail and Isabel meets him everyday

*She gets Curzon out of prison, but he is very sick


*Isabel and Curzon get on a boat to go find Ruth and save her

Character Analysis

Throughout the book, Isabel goes through some tough conflicts. Like Ruth getting sold, Madam hitting her, Curzon going to jail, etc. She becomes very strong and brave when the story moves along. She plays a very respectful, delicate, and responsible girl who is trying to find her way back home, wherever that may be. She has too look out for Ruth, which cannot be an easy task. But what else can she do?