For sure it'll be a white Christmas!

Merry Christmas!!!

Christmas is only a few days away!!!

December 20- 5 days left

December 21- 4 days left

December 22- 3 days left (do nothing but watch Christmas marathons on tv)

December 23- 2 days left (make sure you wrapped your presents with duct tape)

December 24- 1 day left!!!!!! (Eat all the Christmas cookies before your family can get to them)

December 25- IT'S CHRISTMAS (with presents)


Thursday, Dec 20th, 12am-11:45pm



7:00 am- pretend you're sleeping when your mom comes to wake you up

8:00 am- eat cookies for breakfast since there's a never-ending supply and try to avoid church

9:00 am- you got go to church...

10:00 am- you're still at church because the pastor decided to tell a long story

11:00 am- you're begging your parents to open your presents

12:00 pm- you're still convincing your parents to open presents

1:00 pm- you're opening your presents

2:00 pm- you can't decide which present you're going to play with first

3:00 pm- you're playing with your toys

4:00 pm- you're playing with your toys

5:00 pm - you're playing with your toys

6:00 pm- you're eating a nice Christmas dinner

7:00 pm- you're hanging out with your family and wishing you could "replay" this day all over again