Musical Theater Performer



Triple Threat:

1) Singing

You need to not only carry a tune, but hold a part while harmonizing with a huge cast. Vocal range, solos, reading music........Oh! Did I mention perfect pitch? Because that would be extremely helpful.

2) Acting

You need to be able to bring life to even the most boring shows. STEAL THE SHOW!

3) Dancing

You must be physically fit and flexible. Not to mention, you'll need to know ballroom, hip-hop, tap, lyrical, contemporary.....

Great! You've got all of that down? Whelp! SO do dozens of other aspiring musical theater performers......STAND OUT!

Odds of Getting In

It's all about who you know!

- Teachers





Average: $51,880

Lifetime: $2,166,000

It all depends on how often you work and where you're working.

Those with an Equity union card are far better off. You don't have one? Good luck! You'll be getting paid whatever the producer decides to pay you....or NOT to pay you.

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Well, you've chosen a path of complete stress describes every day of your life. Unemployment. Rejection. Questions like "Will I ever get a job?" will definitely pop into your head.

Then, finally you get a job. Yay! Well, don't celebrate too soon. Hours upon hours of rehearsals, tech run-throughs, and dress rehearsals await you and then.....more uncertainty as you desperately wait for another gig.

Odds of Hanging On

So much uncertainty and rejection often turns people away from this job in only a few years.....if that. Countless auditions that yield nothing, unsteady paychecks, unemployment, and stress prove too much for all except for the few brave and passionate fighters who stick it out until the end.
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It would seem that the cons FAR outweigh the pros, so why do it? Because this is what these people love to do, musical theater (and everything that comes along with it) is their passion, and they couldn't imagine doing anything else.