Final Project Proposal

Hebrew 212, Winter Quarter 2016

A Creative Project

I am very excited to share my upcoming Final Project Proposal for Hebrew 212, Winter Quarter 2016, with you! I will either read an original poem or sing an original song that I will write. I may include a spoken commentary, also.

The topic of the poem or song is yet to be determined. If I include a commentary, it will be on one of two topics, or a blending of the two: 1) information about my process of writing the poem or the song, and 2) a brief comment about either Israeli poetry or music.

I will present my Final Project using an audio file. (If I am able to create a video with a small-enough file size, I will [also] submit a video. The length of presentation will affect this aspect.)

I am gearing this project towards the general public, a category within which the audience of my classmates is included!

In keeping with the guidelines given for the Final Project, I will incorporate many of the grammatical constructions and verb structures that we have learned this quarter, as well as, of course, drawing upon material learned in previous quarters. The presentation will be a minimum length of five minutes.


Michele Pointel