Weekly Update

Strive Center for Autism - September 10, 2021

Ending Early Release on Fridays

Today marked our return to full days on Fridays. We are so pleased to be able to offer families the full day of therapy, while still keeping our centers clean for everyone.

Remember, from now on, children will be dismissed at 3:20 from the afternoon session every day.

Parking Lot Protocol

Please watch very carefully in the parking lot at both centers as staff are walking children back and forth at different times. If you need to back up, and you're not sure if it's clear, our staff will be happy to guide you. We know that caregivers may need to leave quickly to get to their next destination, but please check over your shoulder one more time before you backup, or roll down your window and ask staff if it's all clear - we're happy to help!

Temporary Transfer

One of our lovely ABA Therapists, Megan, will be transferring temporarily from Brighton to Burton to help us out with staffing there. We are continuing to look for more people to add to our amazing team, so if you know someone who has at least 60 college credits, enjoys blowing bubbles and playing all day, please refer them to our website:

Career Opportunities

Burton families, you will love Megan - she is so creative that every child loves working with her! Please show your children her picture below and let them know she'll be in Burton on Monday.

Brighton families, don't worry, she'll be back!

And a big thank you to Megan for helping out this way - she definitely is an asset to our team!

Big picture

Policy Reminder - Extra change of clothes

Just a friendly reminder that our handbook requests that each family leave 2 complete changes of clothing (including socks) at the center for their child. If you keep one in your child's backpack, that can count as one of the two.

With the change in seasons, we will look through the clothes at the centers now, and send home anything that's not warm enough for fall, or looks like it may be too small.

We realize that two changes of clothes may seem like a lot, but we want your child to remain comfortable and clean, no matter the situation.

When clothes are soiled, we will send them home in a plastic bag, and we request that you provide a replacement on your child's next therapy day. If you're unsure what clothes we have for your child, feel free to ask - and parents are welcome to come in the building to see what we have. You can ask to check on your child's clothing when you come in for an observation, or any day.

Recommended Reading

We thought with September being the time to head back to school, it might be a good time to share some of our favorite books about Autism.

Today, we'd like to highlight two books, one for adults and one to share with children.

For adults, Ten Things Every Child with Autism Wishes You Knew by Ellen Notbohm is a great introductory book for anyone who wants to understand Autism better. This book is good for parents, or teachers, or any family member to gain some insight.

For children, My Friend has Autism by Amanda Tourville is a simple, short book that includes facts about Autism and talks about being a good friend to a boy with Autism. This might be a good book to share with siblings of children with Autism, with a classroom, or with extended family who want to help their children understand children with Autism better.

We'll share two more books next week, but feel free to ask your BCBA anytime for more recommendations.