Legacy Choirs Update


This Week

4/24 Varsity Auditions

4/25 Varsity Auditions

4/26 Varsity Auditions


4/28 Chamber

4/29 Festival di Voce

Show Choir Auditions

Show choir auditions are THURSDAY at Jobe Middle School at 4:30PM

You will dance in groups of 5 and sing about 30 seconds of a song of your choice. Bring a karaoke track on your phone for the singing portion.

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Officer Elections

If you are interested in becoming President, Vice President, Social Media Manager, or a Uniform Manager follow this link. Officers help run social events and other behind the scenes essentials that keep Legacy Choirs going! If you have questions please come see Mr. Powell or Ms. Lafferty. Results will be announced at banquet!


May 4th is the last day to buy banquet tickets! Parents are welcome to attend. On the Border is catering and tickets are $20. The theme is disco and you are welcome to dress to the theme or in formal attire.

Spring Concert Costumes

Costume Information. This is a live document, if your class is not on it yet check back later! Show your costumes to Lafferty before May 5th!

A note to parents, we try to make it so people are buying the absolute minimum. We encourage students to create an outfit from clothes they already have, or if they need to buy something to check out a thrift store. Please don't feel the need to spend a large amount of money on this!


Now that most classes are through with their formal choir uniforms, it is time to start returning them for the year. Chamber and Bella Voce will need their uniforms for the Festival di Voce this coming Saturday. All other classes can bring them back starting today.

All uniforms need to be dry cleaned and in the dry cleaning plastic when they are returned. Students can bring them to the choir room and hang them on the racks in the uniform closet.

Please have uniforms returned by May 10. Any uniforms not returned by that date will be submitted into the LHS bookkeeper as a fine. Please let me know if you have any questions.

Festival di Voce

Chamber and Bella Voce will compete this weekend at Festival di Voce. The winners of this competition perform a show case the following year. Chamber won in 2017 and we look forward to competing again!


4/27 Show Choir Auditions

4/29 Festival di Voce

5/5 Spring Solo Auditions

5/9 Spring Solo Auditions

5/10 Uniform Returns Due

5/13 Banquet

5/19 Spring Concert