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Are you a person who wants a clean, tropical country but can't find one? Do you want a neat country that has no litter and a booming economy? Well, you should come to Singapore.

Singapore is a super neat and super rich country. What makes it so clean? The strict laws. No littering, no spitting, and no gum. This gives you a super clean country.

Singapore also has a booming economy. It has beautiful ports, top notch hotels, and some the most awesome works in architecture.

So, do you want to come? Read up in this flyer about Singapore.

Slogan: "Uniquely Singapore"

The Geography and Climate of Singapore


Singapore is a small, diamond-shaped island in the Southeastern Asia, having Malaysia and Indonesia as the neighbors for Singapore is set in their betweens. Singapore lies just off the southern tip of the Malay Peninsula. To its north, linked by the causeway, stands Malaysia. It is about 137 km north of the Equator, while the size of Singapore is 42 km long and 23 km wide. Besides, there are 58 much smaller offshore islets set in Singapore's territorial waters. including the 58 small islets, the Republic of Singapore has a total landmass of 646 sq km. The biggest of Singapore's other islands are Pulau Tekong (18 sq km,) which is a military area but planned to be semi-residential; and Pulau Ubin (10 sq km,) which is a rural haven from the heart of Singapore.

As Singapore is the island, its deep water anchorage and natural harbor on the Strait of Malacca naturally makes it become a strategic location for shipping on the sea-route between the Indian Ocean and the South China Sea.


Singapore's climate is typically tropical and humid. The temperature rarely drops below 20° C (68° F). During the daytime, it usually rises to 26° C (80° F). Lying in the tropical zone, the country is always moist. This makes the country a beautiful place to live in and stay in.

The People and Culture of Singapore


Singapore attracted people from China, India, and Malaya (today called Malaysia) who came as indentured laborers, workers, traders, and administrators. Singapore has a total population of 4.4 million people. Singapore is one of the world's most densely populated countries.

Singapore inherited the British classification system that encompassed four official ethnic categories: Chinese, Malays, Indians and Others. The last category included Eurasians (people of mixed European and Asian ancestry) who today form less than 1% of the population in Singapore. The Chinese comprise the country's largest ethnic group, accounting for 75% of the population, followed by Malays at 14%, and Indians at 9%.The diversity of religions found in Singapore is a reflection of the country's different ethnic groups and their origins.


Almost half of all Singaporeans are Buddhist, while Muslims constitute about 15% of the population. Christians of various denominations account for 14% of the population, while Taoists account for 9% and Hindus for 4%. The Chinese are predominantly followers of Buddhism and Taoism, although some are Christians. Chinese culture in Singapore has overlays of Confucianism. Malays are primarily Muslims and most of Singapore's Indians are Hindus. However, there are a significant number of Muslims, Christians, and Sikhs within the country's Indian population. Christianity, first Protestant and then Catholic, was introduced to the region soon after the establishment of a British colonial base. Many churches and schools set up by Christian missionaries are still in existence today.


Singapore's official languages are Mandarin, Malay, English, and Tamil, and all public signs in the country are displayed in all four languages, so no worries on language.

The Government & Citizenship of Singapore

Our government is a republic with a parliamentary system of government. Political authority rests with the prime minister and the cabinet. In other words, Singapore is a parliamentary republic. In Singapore, we have the right to vote at 21 (If you are 35-60, married, and has children, you can have two votes.), equal rights for all, full Judicial power vested in the Supreme Court, and world-leading education.

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