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News and Updates From Room 2

What We Learned This Week

Reading - This week we learned all about owls. We started out reading a non-fiction article entitled Owls. We figured out the meaning of unknown words and answered questions using the text. We also read an excerpt from the book Owl Moon by Jan Yolen.

Writing - We spent our week writing an informational paragraph about owls. We used the text in our Anthologies as well as several articles to take notes which we then used to help us write our paragraphs. This was our first informational piece of writing and the kiddos did a great job!

Math - We are continuing to work with 3-digit numbers and learning different ways of writing them. 536 can be written as five hundred thirty-six; 5 hundreds, 30 tens and 6 ones; 500 + 30+ 6 or as 536. Next week we will be working on comparing 3-digit numbers as well as skip counting (forwards and back) by 10's and 100's.

Science - Today we explored what happens when you add water to sand to see the process of erosion. We also read the book Erosion and learned about the different types and forces that cause erosion.

Exploring Erosion With Sand and Water

A Note From Ms. Wold

Progress Reports are in your kiddo's Friday Folders today. Please take a look at them and let me know if you have any questions or concerns.