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Math & Science Team Newsletter - Love LEARNing 2015-16

August 31, 2015

Hello Awesome Teachers,

It has been a busy first couple of weeks, and I am so excited to see all the engaging activities already happening in your classrooms. You are off to a great start with fantastic procedures in place. Let me know if there is anything that I can do to help, and I will try my best. Please read the following math & science newsletter. I have included some resources and links for you to use.


All bar-coded items will need to be checked out through the library. I will check out any materials that I deliver to you from now on. Please remind Marilyn to check out your Investigation Card Kits & TE sets when she comes around to scan your materials.

Love Learning,


Versatile Kits

VersaTiles: Getting Started

Need more tiles, just ask ...

Remember that kits will need to be checked out through the library. If I delivered your kit to your room, then I have already checked it out to you before I dropped it off. Each kit has 10 tile sets, but we have plenty of extras. If you need more, just ask. I am trying to label them so we will know where to return them at the end of the year.

Tip: If you don't want your kids to see the solution, you can easily cover it with a sticky note.

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I have checked, and it looks like everyone has a log in that teaches Science this year. This is a fantastic resource for those of you who plan science, but all teachers who teach science will need their own account as well.

  • Make sure to bookmark this site, but it will show up as ALI on your bookmark bar.
  • User Name: email/Password: lobo1234! (You should be able to change this when you log in.)
  • Make sure you check out the HELP button for videos on how to set up your classes, add students, or find resources.
  • Don't forget to check out the Teacher Toolbox! There is a lot of resources for your safety unit.
  • If you need any help with this, just let me know and I will show you.
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Science tools by Grade

Check out some of the resources you can find in STEMscopes to use with your class.

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