Ideal Comedian

Alianna Laione

face - Bradley Cooper

Bradley Cooper is one of the world's highest paying actors. He's very well known just by his looks and features which is why he is chosen as the face of an ideal comedian. Having his face would attract a lot of attention. Attention that a comedian would want from the audience. His looks have gotten him to be named the sexiest man alive in 2011 by People's Magazine. Also in 2011, he was dubbed International Man of the Year by GQ and appeared in AskMens 49 most influential men. He ranked tenth on Empire's list of the 100 Sexiest Movie Stars in 2013. He is seen in many movies like the hangover, limitless, and He's Just not that Into You.

Brain - Steve Martin

Even though steve martin is known to be funny and a comedic man, he wasn't just comedy-smart. Steve Martin was born in Waco, TX. On August 14, 1945. He is an american actor, producer, writer, comedian, and musician. In 2004, he was ranked 6th in the top 100 greatest stand-up comedians. Steve Martin was raised in Inglewood, California. Martin Graduated high school and applied to long beach university where he majored in philosophy. He then had many ideas about becoming a professor in philosophy. While studying philosophy, Steve Martin says that it changed his life and his perspective on things. He states that " I started studying logic, and they were talking about cause and effect, and you start to realize, 'Hey, there is no cause and effect! There is no logic! There is no anything!' Then it gets real easy to write this stuff because all you have to do is twist everything hard-" With philosophy he became more involved in comedy and changing and perfecting his style. His craft in the comedy world. Which then led to him being a very successful actor as well.

Voice - Tupac

Born in harlem , New York, tupac was from a hard upbringing. But that didn’t stop him from voicing his opinions, and beliefs to people all around the world. He was very much influenced by shakespeare’s work. Tupac was a student at the baltimore school of arts where he studied theatre. He loved theatre and he was deeply interested in understanding shakespeare’s psychology. As tupac was an actor and involved in theatre, he was also a good poet. In his work, tupac had a lot of emotion. Attitude. Tupac had so many sides to write about. But he was never afraid to speak on his vulnerabilities. In his debut album, “2pacalypse Now”. it showed his socially conscious side, talking about things like social injustice, police brutality, and poverty. With songs with such aggressiveness towards political, and social epidemics, tupac became one of the first majorly socially conscious rappers in the west coast. Even though tupac is dead now, his legacy lives on. Tupac was never afraid to speak the truth, no matter how hard it was for him to get a grasp of parts of his own identity. Tupac Shakur brought people together with his music. With his voice. With what he believed in. He is known to be one of the most recognizable style choices.

voice - Kevin Hart

Kevin Hart was born and raised in Pennsylvania. Raised by a single mother and his father was a cocaine addict. Despite his father being in and out of his life, and being in jail, Kevin used comedy to cope with his family struggles. His comedic career had a slow start, like being booed off of the stage multiple times from the audience. But this didn't stop him. Kevin entered into many competitions in Massachusetts which helped his career turn for the better. It did also take him a while to develop his comedic style. He tried to imitate comedians like Chris Tucker and such but, he found it better to talk about his insecurities, and life experiences that he has had. Kevin hart had a lot of potential when he started putting his career together. Other comedians even saw it as well. Kevin Hart is known for speaking his mind and talking about his struggles and tribulations throughout his life like his divorce with Torrei Hart. Throughout his hardships kevin has continued to strive and to keep on working on his career. He once said in an interview saying, " Why would i stop when you can keep on going and achieving?" It shows that he has good will power to keep on going and to keep on voicing what he believes in and to connect with other people through his comedy.

Heart - Robin Williams

Although robin williams was the 8th highest grossing actor in his time.He had a big heart and cared a lot for the community. Out of all the things you could say about him, the truest thing would’ve been that he made people smile. Growing up in detroit, Robin was bullied and mistreated by others at school. He characterized himself as “the opposite of class clown” He worked very hard, played soccer, and wrestled. He very much enjoyed school, and moved to northern California to finish out high school and college. In his 63 years, he never failed to give his heart and talent to others. He would offer his time and his money to over 50 charities and causes. One of his efforts could be seen in the St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital. Whenever there were opportunities to meet with children , families, or parents, he would be there. Having someone like Robin Williams there, would even make the kids forget about their illnesses temporarily. The charity would never charge him for his participation. Robin Williams's was also a big supporter of the United Service Organizations. The USO provides support and morale performances to U.S. Troops and families. Throughout William’s 12 years of being involved with the USO, each moment he had with the 90,000 troops were always ones to remember. He will be remembered for the laughs he gave and the support he gave to children, troops, and families in need all over the world.

heart - oprah winfrey

In recent decades, celebrities have become more closely related to people’s life and are able to change the society’s operation and behaviors. When people look at the news, it’s always about the celebrities daily life. Oprah Winfrey is an actress, talk show host, philosopher, who has been in famous for many years across the United States and the world; she is the kind of celebrity who uses her power in media to change public’s opinion, the politics, and the society’s movement. Oprah has done so many things for the people. For the community. An ideal comedian should definitely have a heart as big as hers. She has donated millions of dollars to various charities, causes, and organizations. She gives away about 40 million dollars of her money to the Oprah Winfrey Foundation for causes such as education and programs for children and women. The Oprah Winfrey operating foundation was created for the purpose of giving money to the Leadership Academy for girls in South Africa. She has extended her capabilities to the max all around the world. On the Oprah Winfrey show, she continually addresses the importance of charity. She even has a will that she will donate $1 Billion dollars to charity. Oprah Winfrey has such a big heart. And the fact that she is socially, and politically aware of things happening in society is amazing. She does all that she can and gives so much of herself to women, children, and families all around the country. She is known as one of the greatest philanthropists in the 21st century.

backbone - obama

Barack Obama was our 44th president. He is the first African american to have served as president of the united states. He was born in Hawaii. His mother was a graduate student in anthropology at the university of hawaii. He chose to stay in hawaii in 1975 so that his mother could continue her work on anthropology. She then got a phd in 1992. Obama says that Hawaii gave him many opportunities to experience a variety of cultures . Obama graduated with a BA degree in 1983. Becoming the President of the United States is a big deal. And it is a lot to handle. So i commend Obama for what he has done for us during his time in office. He is chosen as the backbone because of how he handled many problems and conflicts that occurred in the 4 years. You have to have a backbone like Obama because not everyone is going to like what you say, and they won't always like the actions you take as a person so you have to be prepared for that type of judgment. Just like when you are a comedian. Not everyone is going to think what you say is funny or entertaining but you keep going with what you believe anyways.

backbone - Ellen Degeneres

Ellen has been in the entertainment industry for over 20 years. She hit it big when she did her own sitcom called Ellen. Her stand up career started up in the 80's. She made an appearance in 1986 on The Tonight Show with Johnny Carson who ended up really liking what she did. Ellen was the first female comedian to be invited onto the show. She has received many awards for her show, voice acting in Finding Nemo, and for her comedy. I chose ellen as the backbone of an ideal comedian because in 1997 she came out to be gay, which contributed to a lot of talk from people and the tablets. Since then she has gained a lot of support from people all over the world, and has never been more successful with the Ellen Degeneres Show. She continues to keep going and to keep perfecting what she does for the people's satisfaction. And because she loves her job. Despite her sexual orientation, that doesn't stop her. She has made many impacts on others lives and i think that she is a good backbone for an ideal comedian with her being a comedian herself.

body - Chris Evans

Chris Evans has the ideal body to be considered an ideal comedian. He is known to be captain america, where you definitely see a change in physique in the film. Chris has been sent many emails and has been asked many questions about how he gained so much muscle for the movie Captain America. He even has videos and articles that state his diet plan and workout routine for others to pursue the same as him. He has the body of an ideal comedian because like the movie, it creates attention and people seem to be more interested in what the comedian would have to say if the body was like chris evans.


channing tatum would be the arms of the ideal comedian. His career kicked off when he was starred in the dance movie named Step Up. It showed his physique and arms in the movie and it also showed his skills in dancing as well. With this being said channing tatum would be the arms of the ideal comedian because he is always active and lives a healthy lifestyle even with his busy life with being a celebrity.

legs - henry cavill

Henry cavill is also in a marvel movie. He is known for playing Clark Kent, or Superman. Looking at the movie you can tell that he did many intense workouts for the role. In order to become Superman, Henry worked with Mark Twight and did very hard workouts for 6 months to prepare. “I’m training two-and-a-half hours a day, pushing my body beyond its normal limits, putting on a lot of muscle mass and just making myself look like Superman,” He told ShortList Magazine. “I did two months training on my own and four months training in LA with Mark, and that was excruciating – breaking boundaries I didn’t know I could. I remember one moment, doing some horrible rowing sprint thing, and I said, ‘I can’t do this Mark, I can’t, I’m done,’ and he said, ‘No you’re not, don’t listen to the lies.’ I kept on pulling and pulling until suddenly I realised I had finished.” Henry Cavill explains how hard his workouts were. How intense they were and how committed he had to be in order to succeed. This is why he is chosen as the legs of an ideal comedian.