Airplane project

By: Lance Dodson

What type of Engineer I am

I am an Aircraft Materials Engineer.

What I found is that material engineers have to be an expert on materials that are used on airplanes like putting on the right sized wings for the plane they are working on. They design, produce and evaluate materials and their use. Material engineering is used on buildings, transportation and for our electronic devices.


-Material engineers are used for the accessories on buildings, planes and ect. They also are used to know what kind of material you need for that product.

-Expert materials used in manufacturing and production.

-Works with other engineers to make sure they have the right material is being used.

-Material engineers are one of the most important people for making a production.

-What makes them good in the design is that with a bigger tale on a small plane it can steer better but it might be to much weight. This is also meaning that you can't use a different material unless it is related to the body material because if it weighs more the the body material then that could result in a disaster.

-What kind of material is used in making aircraft today? Aluminum is used to give the airplane strength. Mylar and tube frame used for the body and other parts of the plane. Magnesium

alloys are used for some lighter parts. Glass for the windows. Steel and titanium forthe engine. We use these materials because they are proven to work for airplanes all over the world and are sturdy.

-What materials where used 100 years ago? No materials where used because they have not been invented yet but there was wood and other common materials like that such as steel, glass ect..... We use different materials now but glass and steel are still used for the engines and the windows.

-What properties do the materials need to have? It depends if the weight of the body. If it is heavy, light. Whatever the material is, the weight the height and the other parts of the plane all depend on the body.

Aviator: The Wright Brothers

The wright brothers where really famous for their work because they where one of the first inventors of the airplane. Without knowing any information about airplanes because no airplanes existed then.

Orville was born August 9, 1871 and died of a heart attack on January 30, 1948. Wilbur was born April 16, 1867 and died of typhoid on May 30, 1912. They first flew at Kitty Hawk in North Carolina.

5 accomplishments of the Wright Brothers:

1) Orville and Wilbur are inventors of the airplane.

2) They helped improve the plane and where one of the first people to think about it.

3) They got very famous for their work

4) They did not have any education about airplanes and later figured out more and more about planes

5) They solved the problems about the plane.

Known for: Best known for inventing the plane

There where no names of the airplanes because they where being invented.

The plane the Wight Brothers plane was controlled by their body and body weight by turning left and right.

I think that they where very good in finding the secrets about the airplane and if they didn't, we wouldn't have airplanes today. If more people funded them then they would be using the airplanes that we used today with their talent in making the airplanes.

They deserve credit for all of their work.

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Vocabulary Words

  1. Airfoil- A part or surface like a wing, propeller blade, or rudder, the shape controls stability, control, direction, lift, thrust and propulsion.

2. Drag- Verb: Pull someone or something, Noun: The action of pulling something forcefully or with difficulty.

3. Gravity- The force that attracts something to the center of the Earth.

4. Thrust- Push someone or something violently or suddenly in a direction.

5. Roll- Move or cause to move in a direction by turning over and over on a axis.

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