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This Week's Shout OUTS:

  • To Sharon (aka Joan) for always keeping us supplied with ice & for making sure that our cafeteria rules are always followed!
  • Kayleigh O’Neal for taking the time to snap a photo of one of her students that wanted to show me her snack contained “whole grains” – good to know that some students really do listen to me! #proudPEteacher
  • Yay second grade for their grant! It will be so fun to hook Legos with writing!
  • Cathy Wilkison for explaining and encouraging all of our 4th and 5th graders to do their best with SRI.
  • For all the productive conversations about students that are already happening.
  • To Stacy, Jill, and Chris owning their LLI groups and making relationships with those students.
  • To all the IAs working to get the cafeteria and recess covered for teachers. We know it's tough in there.
  • Kayleigh, Sara, & Andrea for being amazing. J
  • To Holli and Sara for going above and beyond their duties, and for giving our students 110% each and every day!
  • A big thanks to Kayleigh And Sarah who helped me convince the PEF to fully fund our project -- Lego story starters ! We were able to show them how awesome our 2nd graders are and what incredible writers this would help them become!
  • Shout out to Ashlee for Dot and Dash Robots!

PES Core Beliefs

  • Everyone is of value and has a gift to share.
  • We each learn at a different pace.
  • Everyone deserves a quality education.
  • Relationships are key.
  • Teaching the whole child is essential.
  • Every child deserves a fair chance.

So Proud

Thank you for all the exciting work you've designed for students this past week - AND tweeting about it! The power is definitely in the message and we are making it clear to our community that we believe our vision. I hope you are having as much fun as I am watching the excitement grow!!!!

PLCs - before we meet the week of the 8th....

  • Determine committee members for PBIS/Makerspace/Data
  • Determine SST Member
  • Develop Norms for your weekly meetings
  • Create a Google Folder for your grade level PLC information and share with Ashlee, Judith and KPD. Put your norms there!

For K-5 Teachers

Please leave your subs a note in your plans that they are to help with supervision of the cafeteria for an hour during your lunch/recess block. This is for all K-5 teachers except 3rd grade. Your subs in 3rd grade should do 30 minutes. These additional sets of hands and eyes will be a much needed support to our IAs who handle this time each day.


Teachers will continue to support lunch/recess supervision this week. Our hope is to pull teachers out during the week of the 14th. Thank you for your continued support of our IAs!

In the Week Ahead.....


Bus am – Zwart

Carpool am - Harrison

Auditorium am – Stone and Dontje

Pledgers - Russell

Bus pm – Russell




mClass window opens for TR

PLCs: Specials, 3rd gr, 2nd gr, Kindergarten - Be sure you've created your info for review!


Walking School Bus Begins!

Practice BOG testing for 3rd grade only - 7:45am

Faculty Meeting - SRO Bruton will be here for Lock Down procedures, Committee Meeting Organization

BT2 - Training at Crain's Creek - 12:30-3:30pm


Ciccone - off campus

Turner - off campus - training

Ingrid Law Visit - grades 3 and 5 - 9:45am


Ciccone - off campus

KPD - off campus - Coach Meeting

Turner - off campus - training

Scruggs - off campus - half day pm

PLCs: 1st, 4th and 5th - Be sure you've created your info for review!

In the Coming Weeks....

Sept 14

Courtesy Committee Membership Bash

It will be in the Media Center at 3pm. Snacks, Prizes, and fellowship!

Sept 15

PTA Spirit Night at Chick-Fil-A

NC Poet Laureate visit - grade 4 - 1:45pm

Self Assessment and PDP due in system -

1st observation for Comprehensive Teachers completed

Sept 16

SIT Meeting

Sept 18

Early Release

Sept 21

YR Report Cards due to Ciccone for review - use new form and complete on the computer. We will not writing report cards by hand this year.

Sept 23

Cardboard Challenge!

End of YR Grading Period

TR Progress Reports

Sept 24

Required YR Workday - Parent/Teacher Conferences

Sept 24-Oct 9 - Track Out

Sept 29

Dr. Grimesey visits two classrooms and eats lunch in cafeteria 11:15-12:20

October 13th - ****REQUIRED*****

Mark this date for an evening event combining curriculum, programs, Book Fair, etc. More info to come. See your SIT members for more info!