Common Law vs. Civil Code

By: Lexi Henningsen

What is Common Law?

Common law is law developed by judges through influence of the court. Common law originated from England. The root of common law comes from China, but was adapted by the original colonists.

What is Civil Law?

Civil law is the law concerning private matters between members of a community. Civil law originated in Europe, and was based off of late Roman law.

Why did Louisiana adopt France's law structure?

From 1699 to 1765, Louisiana was a French colony, hence Mardi Gras and other French holiday's and customs that Louisiana still to this day celebrates and has adapted to. Since they were a French colony, they adopted laws similar to the ways of other Caribbean-French colonies. It wasn't until the Louisiana Purchase in 1803 that Louisiana let go of their French tradition and moved on to American ways.

Difference between Common Law and Civil Law?

Common law is based off of traditions and people's beliefs, while civil law is based of off the ways of the actual law and the way that things should be.