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August 2018 - Dallas ISD Substitute Employee Newsletter


The 2018 -2019 school year is just around the corner, and we're set to make it our best one yet! Check out the latest updates from the substitute office in this August issue, as we prepare for classes to begin this fall!


Principal: Dr. Michael K. Gayles

Address: 2211 Caddo Street Dallas, TX 75204

Phone: (972) 794-7771

Core Belief: The most important resource in the educational life of a child is the child’s own unlimited potential. If we can IGNITE and focus that potential, our students will be relentless learners and unstoppable forces for positive change in the world.

Vision: Every Ignite Middle School scholar crafts a professional vision that provides the motivation and context for all of their learning. They know who they are, where they are going, and how they will get there. All students receive the customized support needed to achieve academically, explore their career interests, design their career paths, and IGNITE their unlimited potential to make the world a better place.

Mission: Our mission is to create an inspirational, challenging, and caring learning community that empowers every IGNITE scholar with the academic ability, life-skills, and rich learning experiences needed to realize their unique life visions. We will accomplish our mission by strategic use of:

Dallas ISD Substitute Pay Schedule

Please find the link for your payment dates as posted by Dallas ISD.

Dallas ISD Substitute Pay Schedule


We are excited to announce that Dallas ISD has added several new schools to the district. You can find the new schools below.

  • Montessori Academy at Onesimo Hernandez Elementary
  • Solar Preparatory School for Boys
  • Sudie L. Williams Talented and Gifted Academy
  • Arlington Park Early Childhood Center
  • Personalized Preparatory at Sam Houston Elementary


The Special Education Department of Dallas ISD is launching a program to train substitutes in one of our most in-demand areas, and they would love you to join!

If you're interested in learning additional skills and making yourself a more attractive intern to principals and campuses, please click the link below.

2018 - 2019 Dallas ISD Special Education Training Interest Form


  • Review the Absent Management System (frequently) for upcoming recorded absences.
  • Locate your Dallas ISD Substitute employee ID badge or visit the Substitute Office for a new badge.
  • Call local campuses and let them know you are available to substitute beginning immediately.
  • Start accepting assignments beginning Monday, August 20, 2018!


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The DISD Trustees voted unanimously to proceed with the name changes for four schools, giving each school organization the task of coming up with a recommended name.

  • Robert E Lee Elementary has been changed to Geneva Heights Elementary
  • Stonewall Jackson Elementary has been changed to Mockingbird Elementary
  • William L. Cabell Elementary has been changed to Chapel Hill Preparatory
  • Albert Sydney Johnson Elementary has been changed to Cedar Crest Elementary


As a reminder, you will be evaluated on your performance by the teacher you are substituting for. We've provided the questions that the teachers will answer below, as a way to guide your efforts in their absence.

  • Was all classroom work collected?
  • Was the room left as neat and clean as it was found?
  • Was classroom work explained satisfactorily?
  • Did students report that they were treated fairly and consistently?
  • Were any disciplinary issues reported?

Star Rating Key

5 Stars - Exemplary

4 Stars - Above Average

3 Stars - Satisfactory

2 Stars - Unsatisfactory

1 Star - Poor


From your group efforts, we've created substitute feedback questions based on your most commonly mentioned subjects, and we have included them below for your convenience.

  • Was a clear lesson plan provided?
  • Were you provided with the appropriate resources to fulfill your job duties (contacts, emergency plan, keys, seating charts, school maps, etc.)?
  • How well did you feel welcome and supported by campus staff?
  • Did you have support for students with behavioral challenges?
  • Would you be interested in returning to this school in the future?

Star Rating Key

5 Stars - Exemplary

4 Stars - Above Average

3 Stars - Satisfactory

2 Stars - Unsatisfactory

1 Star - Poor

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2018-2019 Annual Benefits Enrollment is July 1 through August 24, 2018! This is your opportunity to enroll or make changes to your current benefits elections which begins September 1, 2018, and ends August 31, 2019.

If you have questions regarding your benefits or Annual Benefits Enrollment, contact the Benefits Call Center for assistance. The Benefits team can help you:

  • Enroll in benefits as a new employee or during Annual Benefits Enrollment.
  • Change your benefits if you have a “special enrollment event,” such as having a baby, getting married, or your spouse losing his/her employer’s health coverage.
  • Get answers to your benefits-related questions.
  • Provide help with using the new Dallas ISD Benefits Portal.

Contact the Benefits Call Center at (972) 925-4000. English- and Spanish-speaking representatives are available weekdays from 7:30 a.m. to 5:30 p.m.

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This year we are undergoing some new updates in regards to the ACE program, with the introduction of ACE 3.0 schools.

ACE 1.0 and ACE 2.0 schools have an extra hour in the school day, therefore there will be an additional $10 added for those assignments. The ACE 3.0 will not have the extra hour so there will not be a rate increase.

ACE Schools 1.0 & 2.0 schools with an additional $10

  • Rusk Middle School (N. Dallas)
  • Carr Elementary School (Pinkston)
  • Pease Elementary School (SOC)
  • Titche Elementary School (Samuell)
  • Ervin Elementary School (Wilmer-Hutchins)

ACE 3.0 Schools without additional $10

  • Chavez Elementary School (N. Dallas)
  • Dunbar Elementary School (Madison)
  • Hotchkiss Elementary School (Conrad)
  • King Elementary School (Madison)
  • Maple Lawn Elementary School (N. Dallas)
  • Rhoads Elementary School (Lincoln)


The Substitute Office would like to remind all substitute employees that it is district policy to clock in AND out. To ensure proper information transition to your time cards. While rare, if you are unable to clock in using the biometric clock, be sure to inform the campus office manager.
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The Pre-K department has expressed a desire for more substitutes in the area of Pre-K education. This is a great opportunity to make yourself a more attractive substitute, and increase your knowledge base. If you would like to be considered for this opportunity, please click the link below.

Pre-K Partnership Interest Form

Pre-K Partnerships is a unique campus that serves 1,800 students placed at our pre-k classrooms located at each of our partner centers throughout the city of Dallas. The following campuses/centers will serve as your preferred campuses and priority assignment locations. Based on the location of each center and your preferences you could be assigned to work at a campus that better fits the needs of Dallas ISD students.

Pre-K Partnerships Center Head Start Locations (11)

Assignment Time: 7:45 a.m. to 3:05 p.m.

  • A.M Brooks Head Start~ 6502 Military Pkwy, Dallas TX, 75227
  • David’s Place Head Start~1000 South Carroll Ave, Dallas TX 75223
  • Ferguson-Oates ~ 2345 Oates Drive, Dallas TX 75228
  • Lake June Head Start ~ 9030 Lake June Road, Dallas TX, 75217 *( Bilingual Preferred)
  • Lancaster-Kiest ~ 3200 S. Lancaster Road # 301-308, Dallas TX 75216
  • Margaret Cone ~ 2919 Troy Street, Dallas TX, 75210
  • Roseland Homes ~ 2011 N. Washington Ave., Dallas TX 75204
  • Socorro Gonzalez ~ 2525 Lucas Dr. Bldg. 1, Dallas TX 75219 *(Bilingual Preferred)
  • Sunnyview ~ 2927 Stag Road, Dallas TX 75241
  • Wanda Mishack ~ 3950 Gannon Lane, Dallas TX 75237
  • Buckeye Trails ~ 6717 Bexar St., Dallas TX 75215

Pre-K Partnerships Center ChildCare Group Locations (3)
Assignment Time: 7:45 a.m. to 3:05 p.m.

  • Bock Childcare Group ~ 407 West Tenth Street, Dallas TX 75208
  • Landauer Childcare Group ~ 4539 Munger Avenue, Dallas TX 75204 (Bilingual)
  • Martin Luther King Jr, Childcare Group ~ 2922 Martin Luther King Jr. Blvd, Building D, Dallas TX, 75215

Pre-K Partnerships Center Faith-Based Locations (2)
Assignment Time: 7:45 a.m. to 3:05 p.m.

  • Good Street Learning Center ~ 3126 Hatcher Street, Dallas TX 75215
  • Neighborhood Christian Learning Center ~ 1111 E. Ledbetter, Dallas TX 75216

Pre-K Partnerships Center Mi Escuelita Locations (4)
Assignment Time: 7:45 a.m. to 3:05 p.m.

  • Mi Escuelita Crossover ~ 4231 Maple Ave., Dallas TX 75219
  • Mi Escuelita Cockrell Hill ~ 4031 W. Clarendon, Dallas TX 75 211
  • Mi Escuelita Good Shepard ~ 4931 Bernal Dr. Dallas TX 75212
  • Mi Escuelita St. Matthew’s ~ 1609 N. Henderson Ave., Dallas TX 75206

Pre-K Partnerships Center Other Locations (1)
Assignment Time: 7:45 a.m. to 3:05 p.m.

  • Bryan’s House ~ 3610 Pipestone Rd, Dallas TX 75212 *(Students with special needs)